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With friends like mine I don't need no enemies...

@BryanLunduke [...] and plus my voice on the internet is worth f*** all. You are not afraid of touching controversial topics and you are as you said "a proud Jew".
Maybe you could voice in on the matter? Start spreading the truth? Its a uncomfortable topic - yes... but unless we speak about it openly this lie will not die off. Just like holocaust denial is punished by prison phrase "Polish death camps" should be punished too. What are your thoughts on the matter? AndrzejL

@BryanLunduke [...] phrase and world thinks it controversial. I believe this is simply a matter of educating people. When I was a kid I thought that every single band that sang in English was an American band. One day my father sat me down and explained that ie. Queen is a British band and so on... People just need to grow up. They need to stop repeating rubbish. The only way to do it is to tell them the truth in such way that they cannot deny it anymore. I am not a Jewish person. [...]

@BryanLunduke in advance for your thoughts on the matter. Media is trying to twist and turn the matter. They are saying that Poland is trying to "whitewash its history"... How dare they? That's just... It makes me sick. One Austrian guy lead the German nation to war against the world. They attacked Poland. Ruined our country. Murdered our people... and now the world is trying to push the responsibility for holocaust on us? Polish president signed a bill that will punish anyone using this [...]

Hello Bryan @BryanLunduke. A question for you... Uncomfortable one. Poland and the death camps. People are using a phrase "Polish death camps" which is misleading and offensive... The death camps were located in Poland but it were the Germans that owned them. I spoke to few people and they said that "I am arguing semantics"... No I am not. IF a company X based in Germany build their branch in Poland do they suddenly become a Polish company? What do you think? Topic for a next video perhaps? 10-Q

@BryanLunduke Whats up with Gnome removing tray icons to "clean up desktop"? I freakin love tray icons... I mean I am not saying that KDE / Plasma is better... I cannot even set a font size to the clock / date in the tray anymore? Cannot set different theme to different parts of the desktop? Locale settings are assigned to your localization and cannot be changed (date / time / currency format) as they were before because QT5... WTF? Settings get slashed left right and centre.

@BryanLunduke I tried installing Ubuntu Mate on my machine because I curious... Tried installing one package... ended up installing 350 packages taking up 1.2 gb... Linux sucks. Dependency hell is here / now. Same the same application on Arch Linux wanted 3 packages as dependancy... Bout 12 megs. Whats up with that? Madness i am telling you. Madness!!

@BryanLunduke Dude... Do you believe that Intel AND NSA were NOT working together on the ChipsetGate? First they have hid an entire OS from the users, then "Oh gosh... we found such a major bug in it... Sorry..."... How shady is this?

I work hard each day. I should start at 8 00 finish at 5 30 with an hour of lunch and 20 minutes tea break. Instead I often start at 6:45 - 7:00 and work till 18:00 with no tea / lunch break because I know what needs to be done and I know how much time does it take to do it... Instead of 32 hours in 4 days I do around 40 - 42 hours. I give ONE FULL DAY extra to my company / boss for free. Boss does not care.

And after all this... this piece of shit son of a bitch tells me to stop avoiding work.

Bloody Irish punctuality... appointment at GP at 16:15. Nearly half past four... still in the waiting room ffs!

@BryanLunduke As a programmer what language do you recommend for someone who would like to start coding in the Linux world?

"You should never trust in hollywood."

Mel Gibson said it out loud - this is why they destroyed him. Recently the obvious truth was released about Weinstein. If you want to do good in hollywood you have to do someone important.

Kevin Spacey was crucified for what everyone in this rotten place does on a daily basis. Why? So that people forgotten about Weinstein faster! Smoke screen.

Its not new, its not exciting. Its something that was happening for decades everyday...

And wonder why we DO NOT want them in ?

I am sorry but you are savages.

Go back to your caves. Go back to your goats.

Damn this idiot has raised my blood pressure... What a moron...


How to install with one liner?

#### STEP 1 #### Install package-query

cd && mkdir -p .aur/package-query && cd .aur/package-query/ && wget -O PKGBUILD && makepkg -s -i -f ./

#### STEP 2 #### Install yaourt

cd && mkdir -p .aur/yaourt && cd .aur/yaourt/ && wget -O PKGBUILD && makepkg -s -i -f ./

You're done 😎

Seriously people? Shocking Hollywood affairs?

I knew since my early teens - if you want to be famous or rich you have to pay the price and as the old bumper sticker says "Gas, grass or ass. Nobody rides for free".

This world is rotten to the core. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Its a fact. If you're on top - why would you do ANYTHING for ANYONE for free?

Wake up. Open your eyes. The only shocking thing is your stupidity and naivety.

BTW - Its NOT only Hollywood.

Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke and Matt Hartley @MattHartley are literally out there clubbing baby seals with sticks...

Sorry guys... Its a thing now ;)

"KDE is out there litteraly beating baby seals and dogs with sticks and then they look at the camera and smile..." @BryanLunduke

Been there - done that...

Also - did you noticed my pun? Pepsi... because i CAN ;)

Oh my cat... @BryanLunduke is sponsored by PEPSI 😄

Product placement!

Not that its true or that I give a crap ;D... I am just yanking your chain because I can Dude...

Also - question for next Linux Thursday.- Coke vs Pepsi and WHY Pepsi is simply better.

Hey @BryanLunduke so are you a nazi or not? Coz you were not clear about it in your video... 😉