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If you are curious, I purchase this new system, as base only, and then I added M.2 NVME Samsung 960 EVO for the OS drive, left the stock 1TB 7200 RPM drive for storage, and replace the stock Samsung 8GB of RAM with Corsair Vengeance, 16GB Dual channel, Dual sided.

That said, the VM runs at near native speeds, and I only lose minor bit of sound quality. So, it is not all bad.

So, during my hiatus, I was able to replace an ever aging Macbook Pro, with an old Core2Duo processor. 😊 The system replacing it, is a HP Envy x360, with the Ryzen 2500u processor. Minor draw back, the only linux kernel that supports this processor, in still in mainline/testing. So, I am relegated to using Windows 10, and running a VM, instead of booting my distro of choice on bare metal.....

Just a bit to share, since I have been on a hiatus from Mastodon, while RL has been kind of busy for me.

The ArchLABS distro that I continue to support continues to grow, at a fairly strong rate. We have climbed over 20 rank positions since the holiday season has past. ArchLABS now holds a respectable 44th position. No doubt this is due to a wonderful support from all who work on the ArchLABS project and the exceptional users in the Linux community. 😎

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This week on the :

Mon: Removing IME w/ System76's Jeremy Soller
Tue: Nerd Prep - Offline Application Distribution / Installation
Wed: Mastodon - the Free, Decentralized Social Network
Thur: Linux Day!
Fri: Linux Poetry Jam

Once again, I invite you all to come and checkout ArchLabs. Especially if you love OpenBox or i3. A lot of hard work went into creating this distro, and it has been slowly climbing up the distrowatch charts.

In more news, @Dobbie03 and I have reached just over a 50% completion on a documentation project for ArchLabs. This is a large project and will continue to grow, as linux doesn't stop changing.

To those of you that celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.. Happy Thanksgiving... Also, if you have followed me for a while, this is the longest time I have ever stayed on a single distro. Could this be the end of my distro hopping days. IDK..

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"The Mozilla Conundrum" or "Do I boycott tech because of the maker?"

Episode Sponsored by: system76, pogolinux, lulzbot3D, & Nerds Like You.

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How to Make Linux Hate You. In 3 easy steps.

Sponsored by lulzbot3D, system76, & pogolinux.

This aught to give everyone a good laugh.. Esp, if you know what happens when you try to divide by zero, while programming.

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@fatboy I forgive you for not knowing the follies of Telegram 😜 And, being enticed by the Dark Side. The true Rebellion lives on Wire. 😎

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If I forget to toot from time 2 time, it is because I have wrapped myself up in a project. Not because I am ignoring the wonderful peeps on Mastodon. I have just been dumping a good bit of time into ArchLabs, which I would encourage you guys to take a good look at.

@fatboy I was watching a music video and I forgot the Steven Seagull short was on loop. So, when i would adjust the volume you could hear the Seagull laughing during the music video.. It made for a funny combination.

Yesterday, I finished up a second rust script I was working on. 😌 I know it works, but I am a bit 😔, as the script has not been dummy proofed yet. So, I still have some work to do.

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Do you have a Steam account / you game on Linux? Could you help out here a bit?

The developers of "Mantis Burn Racing" are still willing to port the game to Linux, with enough demand.. Sadly not there at the moment.

Gaming is one of the important factors making Linux more widely accepted. This is not an "AAA-game" by an enormous company, but why not?

Show your interest for a Linux port on the Steam forums:

#Linux #gaming #support #help #Steam #+1