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Bryan Lunduke

The paperback edition of "Linux is Badass" is now available on Amazon.

Don't buy it there. Buy it from the link on I get a bigger percentage that way. But feel free to review on Amazon if you've read it elsewhere. ;)

@BryanLunduke That's wild that you've managed to write so much. I'll be sure to check it out.


Literature of this caliber makes Matt Damon emotional, and there's only one cure for that...

"Half a Decade of Linux-y Shenanigans"

550+ pages covering some of the craziest stuff in the Linux world from 2012 through 2017.

It's heavy. It's Linux-y. It's ridiculous. It goes on sale this Tuesday.

A random hug for everyone, my followers and @BryanLunduke for highlighting the lack of virtual hugs.

@BryanLunduke As a pony I find this absolutely disgusting. Hugs are part of our daily diet!

@BryanLunduke No Virtual Hugs ... I am now virtually laughing .. actually no, I am laughing for real ...

@BryanLunduke you are the man! Virtual Hugs for the win!

@BryanLunduke @Siedge

First... there was a pointless CoC because people at FreeBSD can't act like professionals without being given guidelines.

Then... there was the

Now... there is a meme.

Where will this insanity stop???


Q: What Operating System does the BatComputer (Batman's computer in the Batcave) run?

A: Hannah Montana Linux.

(This was asked on the 's . The amazing Metalx1000 made it real.)

@BryanLunduke They are scared of the power of hugs, they yell at you scream at you but they can't take away your kindness Bryan #HugGate

Said by FreeBSD members to me:
- Racist statements
- Sexist statements
- Death threats
- Naughty words

Banned by FreeBSD:
- eHugs

Just for the sake of brevity (something I'm not terribly good at):

eHug - Virtual-Pretend-Hugs (either animated GIF or "*hug*").
HugGate - FreeBSD's campaign against eHugs.
lol - Me being amused at all of this.

That there is drama surrounding *hugs* is absolutely hilarious to me. r/FreeBSD is now censoring pro-virtual-hug posts.

lol! What a time to be alive!

The schedule for next Tuesday's (the 20th) 12-hour, live-streamed, Lunduke-a-thon is almost set in stone!

Just one time slot that is TBD. Everything else is ready to rock!

The live stream will take place here, starting at 9am (Pacific):

@BryanLunduke On the day you level up you get: +3 wisdom +1 perception and +2 luck with 69 Gold.

- Muh birthday is this weekend.
- My daughter has next week off school (which means I can sleep in all week).
- Got a fun set of shows ready to record on Tuesday.
- Surrounded by nerds that love hugs.
- Once work is done for the day, there's a recliner with my name on it.