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@BryanLunduke SeaGL cfp is open and has Wednesday cfp office hours, 14:00 Seattle time

@BryanLunduke When you do purchase games which is your number one method/store that you go to?

@BryanLunduke do you use any cryptocurrency? If yes, how often, and what do you buy with it?

@BryanLunduke dnscrypt on Linux is such a pain. Winblows and babyOS it is dead simple. Any tips? Tried using the ones from but cannot seem to get it working in f26, u17.10 or tumbleweed.

@BryanLunduke Will paste my reply from your other toot:

What are your thoughts on how the possible defeat of net neutrality and possible victory of EME would affect open source projects like Linux, Tor and so on? A lot of new Linux apps are starting to become more web-based, so how do you think this would affect their functionality?


Sent this earlier, but not under your LinuxThursday post, so I'm sorry if this is a tad "spam-ish":

With the recent event of W3C embracing DRM, could you see any sort of sustainable effort to create a sort of Internet 2.0? Linux programmers love to fork, why not fork the Internet? :D

I understand why this is absurd, but it seems like the Internet is becoming less "for the people". We need something that is "ours" again - unregulated, free and open to all.

@BryanLunduke @bxtreme ha, I just posted the same question, should have read the other questions first.

@BryanLunduke LastPass, Enpass or passman for password syncing. Enpass is nice as it is not stored remotely . Passman can be baked into nextcloud though

@BryanLunduke what is the feasibility of forking the w3c? Orgs like Mozilla (if they follow through with their current mission) may follow suit if it has the proper backing.....

Please share your thoughts on the need for a more "Conservative" approach to Software Development. Let me elaborate:

Problems like Heartbleed could be prevented if developers in the FOSS world were encouraged to scrutinise the code for bugs instead of measuring "progress" with new features and lines of code added.

How do we promote an approach to software development that first priority should be to spend more time doing bug fixes (hardening) than adding features?

@BryanLunduke how about single board computer based network attached storages?

@BryanLunduke Any chance for getting some more OpenSUSE/SUSE developers or board members on The Lunduke Hour again soon?

@BryanLunduke Just found that Firefox uses Google Analytics on the about:addons page but I not sure if it really compromises the privacy settings of the browser. Mozilla claims that there been an aggreedment with Google to anonimyse the data collection. Should this be acceptable or Mozilla must take another solution or not even track their poduct usage in anyway? Should I be worried? Tor Browser has the same issue, I just watched it myself

@BryanLunduke by product usage a meant user activity

@BryanLunduke For Linux gaming, would you perfer new platforms like itchio or stay with steam.

Probably too late for this week... I'm having a weird effect on YouTube (Firefox on KDE (Ubuntu base 16.04)). I get 2 audio streams 1 slightly delayed. I can go to settings to kill one stream, but it always comes back. Have done my best Duckduckgo on this, but nothing. Ideas?

@BryanLunduke what do you think is a bigger issue, net neutrality or the W3C's embrace of DRM?

Personally I believe it's the W3C since it affects everyone, worldwide. However, it's a big issue if it happens in the US, since it could set a precedent for other countries to copy and HOLY SHIT that would be awful.

@BryanLunduke Do you think that BBS will have a come back in recent years?

What about BBS Porn?


What is System76 going to do with the ubuntu button when they have their own distro?

I'm looking for a freedom-respecting laptop. What are your thoughts on Purism's Librem 13?

Do you think System76 are trying to get away from using a proprietary BIOS?

@BryanLunduke what some ways to help open source projects like open suse if I am not a programmer/developer?

@BryanLunduke Hey Bryan! I just deleted my twitter account because they blocked my account due to me not wanting to give them my phone number. I deleted Facebook two years ago. Are you angry with twitter as I am or are you going to keep you twitter account for now? Keep up the great work!