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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

"W3C Talks EME/DRM with Lunduke" - Lunduke Hour - July 14, 2017

@BryanLunduke Magnificent interview! I feel a bit reassured, although the "don't sue security researchers" is ... a sticking point... That the w3c only can recommend not to, and couldn't agree to put it in writing... Sigh.

@BryanLunduke So #W3C members get to voice their dissatisfaction but no actual voting happens to prohibit craziness, collusion, and cajoling "standards" from getting adopted or officially recommended by the organization? This is crazy. Yes! absolute crazy-sauce! What year is it? What world do we live in? Is this real life or did I get dropped into a 1984 novel?

@BryanLunduke @wheeler it's actually how standard bodies tend to work, crazy as it seems... And to Phillipe's credit, he tried to give as good as there is. Still, the rotten legislations of some coutries, and the lack of consensus on what make a security researcher is deeply troubling and make the EME untenable as a standard... And as much as he can, being a non-partisan representative, I thinknhe made it clear that he agrees with this.

@BryanLunduke thanks for having this, it was pretty eye opening. It's concerning that it sounds like these recommendations aren't actually voted on, but put in by their board like a judge listening to the arguments then making a pronouncement. Like "DRM?... make it so!"

One thing you guys didn't talk about, and who I think the W3 is referring to in talking about users and supporters is not actual "supporters" but the apathetic crowd who don't care for whatever reason and (1/2)

@BryanLunduke (cont'd) they want things to "just work" (like X on Linux in the early '00s) which EME would on the surface appear to serve. I wonder if EME would be as much of a concern (still troublesome but not as scary I think) if things like the DMCA and other terrible laws didn't exist?

@BryanLunduke @somethingeloquent AFAICT no, it wouldn't. And it IS refreshing that they actually have spent considerable thought and effort on tge subject, although a bit depressing no consensus was reached.

@BryanLunduke That guy annoyed me a lot. He didn't seem to want to answer your questions. A lot of non answers, defending convenience over keeping an open standard. Pretty sure the w3c is corrupt now.