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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Wed, July 26th, we will answer the age old question: "How many nerds can Lunduke piss off in a single hour?"


this post is your version of "yo pass me the aux cable"

and your comments section is going to be countless variations of the phrase "u better not play trash"

I await your meme of the ages, chosen one.

@BryanLunduke Spoiler alert: most of the problems with a lack of Net Neutrality are only so big because of comsumer complacancy. If enough consumers revolted against the awful things ISPs have done and are assumed to do with this gone, things would either stay the same as before or actually imrpove.

@BryanLunduke this is how you get bags of feces on fire that gets tossed on your doorstep 😹😹😹

@BryanLunduke Well-p. Time for my Lunduke Still Sucks 2017: The Final Insult presentation :D

@BryanLunduke do you have a firewall installed?

do you perfer the ufw (frontend) or iptables?

@BryanLunduke @miwilc. I'm kind of old fashioned. I use ufw, lvm, samba and ext4 and I set it all up in the terminal.

@miwilc @BryanLunduke Im sticking with ufw for now, its so damn easy to use and comes preconfigured in antergos

@BryanLunduke Is that today's video?

Interested to hear your take on Net Neutrality. Maybe you see something I don't, but I have a real concern with ISPs being given even more power than they already have. (Let's face it, Comcast is way scarier than Google/Facebook due to the political and economic power they already wield).

My primary concern is that without NN, ISPs may try to sell internet like they do Cable TV packages... and we won't have a choice in the matter.