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@fearisfreedom @bryanlunduke We really need another decent FOSS browser.
@dolus @fearisfreedom Waiting for Otter to get finished

@BryanLunduke Coming in about a year: a book deal from the Google diversity memo guy followed by an inspirational talk tour

@BryanLunduke to know whether he's a victim, wronged by PC overreaction, we just need to see his reaction the moment he's embraced by the vast army of 4chan Nazis and MRAs.


Yep. But hardly surprising honestly considering what he wrote and how it was distributed. Nobody wanted to pick out the kernels of truth from the stinky turd that was "the diversity memo".

Harsh as the reaction seems I can't defend this guys freedom of expression without also defending Google's right to employ who it wants too. I'm an engineer in a different discipline (industrial automation) and the ham fisted way he acted would be a concern here too regardless of ideology.

@msh @BryanLunduke afaict, that guy signed the usual papers declaring a code of conduct... Which is to say he willingly gave up a part of his right to say whatever pleased him. And now there was consequences.
From a liberal viewpoint, less than ideal. From a realistic viewpoint (esp with the tweetstorm in mind) fairly expected.

@msh Having read the whole document the media is overreacting and quoting a lot out of context. And the said employee also clearly expressed that he is pro diversity and gave suggestions on how to deal with unequality. And ironically he also criticised what got him fired in the end: overdone PC. And don't get me wrong, I consider myself leftleaning but I'm also pro free speech and open dialogue. Forbidding opinions because we don't agree isn't the right way and will backfire in the end.

@Jasper_Ben That's the reality of today's hyperactive society. His screed was not outright hateful but was IMHO more wrong than right. Unfortunately the stuff he did get right (the stuff about inflexibility in gender roles, the risks associated with lack of ideological diversity...) was buried in that big stinky turd about biological differences and reverse discrimination and mostly false solutions.

I fear those points are probably drowned out by the outrage.


Ultimately my concern is that, while I believe Google has every right to do so, by reflexively firing the guy they have handed bullets to the alt-right commentators for them to load into their guns so to speak. And this guy will quickly find a new place to work that is a monoculture of its own, just more compatible with his personal view.

There will be no debate. No dialogue. Just more widening of the divide. Neither he nor Google will grow or refine their views.

@BryanLunduke Every action has a equal and opposite reaction, no exceptions.

@BryanLunduke that he got fired was expected and it's quite fair. Google, being a private company, can employ who they want. The sad part is that he got publicly shamed by most of the media and SJW just for having a "bad" thought. That's some kind of Orwellian shit going on here. Insane.

I wouldn't have fired this guy, but the idea that women cannot into tech or are overall less adept at it because "biology" is frankly stupid