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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Got topics or questions for the next "Linux Thursday" on ? Reply here and we'll answer the hell out of 'em!

@bryanlunduke why hasn't Linux been rewritten in rust yet?
@sillystring @bryanlunduke oh lord it's a micro kernel that's going to go south really fast :\

@BryanLunduke Not sure if you have done anything with "powerline?" But, that could be interesting as some users spend more time in the CLI.


If you could go back in time, to the mid 90's, and start a PC company with your own Linux based OS, what would it (os and/or company) be called and what would be the market you'd go after (e.g. developers, artists, video editors, business, etc)?

Bonus question:

And which 90's band would play the epic music for your commercials?


have you used the BadVoltage roku-App yet ?

If not, What roku-device (specifically) do you have and - is the radio-streaming on it, better than UX on the xbox you used to hav ?

@BryanLunduke Why is net neutrality not that big of a deal? (You still never did your video on this)

@BryanLunduke is it finally time to cut loose from google and other large media platforms and break out of PRISM?

@BryanLunduke so you use reddit from the terminal but not 4chan? you normie.
Also what are your opinions on Manjaro and Antergos (both Arch based), and them being high on DistroWatch rankings lately?


cat <file> |grep -i <pattern>


grep <pattern > <file>


@JaseEW @BryanLunduke That could be interesting, especially if you throw awk in the mix. Then go a step further, and sub awk in for grep , thereby eliminating one of the pipes.

grep -i <pattern> <file>
obviously. :P
This is probably the one I use the most though:
find <directory> -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -i <pattern>

@BryanLunduke I keep hearing that multiple monitors and high DPI displays can be a problem in Linux. I'm on the verge of installing Linux on my main gaming machine; which has triple monitors, 2 of which are 4K displays. I'm I signing my own death warrant with the can of worms I'm about to open, or will I be just fine?

What are your opinions on NFS vs CIFS vs Samba? What do you guys use and why?

@nani for remote access I tend to favour sshfs so its treated as a local file system in my file manager .
iirc @AndrzejL has a good how-to on his site

@JaseEW @AndrzejL I have been using NFS and putting it in fstab. Do you put sshfs in there as well?

@AndrzejL @nani not in fstab , you can run a script at user account start up and if you have set up passwordless login with ssh keys , it will mount the remote filesystem and its seen as just another folder location

as usual the archwiki is a great place for info

@JaseEW @AndrzejL OK, but why not just use NFS? :D

@AndrzejL @nani for me it comes down to simplicity and ease of use, with my NAS I use sshfs for file access and minidlna for serving media on a minimal debian base (my nas is a 2tb mycloud - arm architecture dualcore 600mhz based device )

@nani @JaseEW

Few reasons but one of the most important for me is - all traffic between me and the drive is running over ssh. Its encrypted.

@nani @JaseEW I alomost forgot... SSHFS can be mounted as user without escalating any privilages.

@BryanLunduke Any thoughts on the upcoming Firefox UI change? I honestly don't care as long as my web browser is free, secure and browses the web, but I've seen and heard plenty of complaints about it. It seems the only people that comment on this kind of thing just hate change. (This coming from a Debian user...)

@BryanLunduke last week you brought up an old 3d file manager, even better than those, why does no one use eagle mode?

@BryanLunduke any thoughts about PostmarketOS? Also, have you thought of joining sour cream haters anonymous?

@BryanLunduke I'll be closer to death than birth when I graduate from college for Computer Science. Is "ageism" as large of a problem as people make it out to be in tech careers? I know it's not very Linuxy. Sorry.

Regarding internet independence... Is there a project that lets you install software applications like the ones Endless OS use? I'd love to have the option of offline encyclopedias and other resources, that update the way other software does. I could use it in the forest or a power outage, or a Godzilla attack!

Also, seriously, how do you guys memorize a bazillion terminal commands and get the freaking syntax right on all the little arguments and paths? It's ridiculous. I need a terminal for preschoolers helper app.

@BryanLunduke have you any thoughts about Linux's relative lack of rich ACL support compared to Windows, FreeBSD, or illumos? Specifically whether it is hurting Linux's adoption in corporate environments (i believe it is)