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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Yay! Big, round number! And still growing by over a thousand each month. All of you rule.

@BryanLunduke. People recognize great content. Keep it up!

@BryanLunduke you are the most charasmatic linux dude i know. Well deserved!

@BryanLunduke guess deleting my youtube account was useful for something 😂


Now imagine if youtube didnt exist and instead your subscribers sent you 25 cents a month, Im a hypocrite though because I value your content and just watch on youtube

although its a double edged sword, because if people sent you money you might feel obligated to thoughtfully respond to each one, and sine I joined .rocks, I see you get a lot of messages, and think why is everyone bugging him about every small thing, again, im the hypocrite about to hit TOOT! (in 15 more chars!)