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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Thursday is Linux Day on the ! Got topics? Got questions?

Ask here and we'll pretend to know the answers!

@BryanLunduke I keep hearing that multiple monitors and high DPI (4K) displays can be a problem in Linux. I'm on the verge of installing Linux on my main gaming machine; which has triple monitors, 2 of which are 4K displays, the third is 1080P. Will i curse Linux until I'm blue in the face, or will I be just fine?

@BryanLunduke Did you guys hear about Ring ? I think it can grow to potential standard. (I don't like term "skype alternative")
What do you thing of it?

@w84death Looks more like "old Skype alternative". Nobody can make alternative to the (piece of crap!) Skype Microsoft just made!

@BryanLunduke what awaits for Bluetooth in the coming distros? I ask because I'm having trouble with BT on Ubuntu 16.04 after my last update.

@BryanLunduke Is decentralized internet dangerous? currently many people upload illegal things to almost any large site in existence, but sites don't seem to get in trouble for hosting this content, and even much of it dosnt get deleted, but if average Joe starts a server, and someone uploads the new hot Lunduke Hour episode, do you think powers to be might specifically target the guy?

@BryanLunduke let me come out of the closet: I am one of these "I tell everyone"-Arch users. But shall I be damned: I used the Arch-anywhere Installer to stitch my system together.
The Reason is: I have a weird taste. I want calligra instead of libreoffice, clementine i.o. rhythmbox, parole i.o. vlc and so on? Am I a freak and why does my kind have to go through the hard road of netinstalls so often?
Greetings to fiddy :)

@BryanLunduke What are your thoughts on the current state of video editing on #Linux right now?

Are there any distributions that stand out as being particularly good for video editing?

P.S. Love the show, thank you so much for all of the thoughtful content.

@ChrisWere @BryanLunduke shall it be? My two favorite Linuxtubers combined in one show?

@BryanLunduke What is the best Distro on the planet, and why is it Calculate Linux?


Hey Bryan, I know you wouldn't be a fan of leaving YouTube. But have you ever thought about moving your show to MediaGoblin or somewhere else? I know you have concerns, that a lot of people wouldn't get notified about your new content. But since most of your viewers are nerds and open-source loving people. I think most of them would still follow your show.

@Toromino @BryanLunduke

I would watch it there instead, ive never used media goblin yet, but someone I currently follow moving videos there, even if they were concurrently held on youtube would get me to switch, but I have to wonder what his sponsors would think

@BryanLunduke Systemd has taken over the Linux world, no doubt about it and has managed to weedle it's way into GNOME so it can't be all bad so why are people are still shouting about, sorry, discussing it?

@BryanLunduke Dude , dont forget to check the BBS lol.

With your love of CLI apps , have you had much experience with TWIN?
"a Textmode WINdow environment"

As I remember trying it from a while ago , but never realy got to grips with its possibilities like I did TMux or Screen

I recently installed TWIN +GPM on Arch , and it looks like this (screenie generated by
sudo fbdump|pnm2png > twin2.png )

@BryanLunduke Managing theming for the visually impaired (well, colorblind and severely nearsighted is more accurate) on any platform is a chore, but many Linux distros (some are pure abominations... <-- Ubuntu -->) reeeeaaally suck at this. Tips for good tools, browser add-ons or distros…?

@Glenn @BryanLunduke

I forget which episode but @therealmatthartley mentioned some really old distro that trys to accomplish this

@anoobis @therealmatthartley @BryanLunduke Yeah, you might be right... Problem is they all suck a bit... I've yet to find any tool, add-on or distro where theres an easy, clear-cut consistent way of doing the changes. And there really should be more/better high contrast (dark) themes that don't look like crap... I suppose much of this stems from most such efforts being done for very specific ailments, and probably by people who don't suffer them. Suppose I need get more engaged😄

@BryanLunduke gimp overview? Ffmpeg for fun and profit. Creative ssh techniques like tunneling. Comparison of terminal email clients. Keypass best practices.


If you could invent Linux powered shoes (and you can, I know you can), what would they do and what would you call them?

Bonus question: Would Matt sport them bad boys?

@BryanLunduke Did you ever try running the Linux kernel v1.0 on real hardware?

@BryanLunduke I'll be closer to death than birth when I graduate from college for Computer Science. Is "ageism" as large of a problem as people make it out to be in tech careers? I know it's not very Linuxy. Sorry.

@BryanLunduke What do you think of the new Purism phone. Does it have a chance in today's market?

@BryanLunduke won't system76 release a budget friendly machines based on AMD Ryzen CPUs? it's Linux-friendly as tested by Wendell