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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Looking for Linux-related horror stories. Times when Linux (and other Free Software) really screwed up for you.

Reply here or email.

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Switched a friend's audio workstation from KXStudio (JACK+audio tools on an Ubuntu base) to stock Arch Linux, right after they made the switch to systemd. Trusted everything to be okay, and went on vacation 2 days later. came back a week after that to a metric buttload of emails about the constant freezes he was getting. Turns out, systemd was way more sensitive to a CPU overheating, and choked at the first sign of trouble. Lost a valuable client due to Lennart.

@BryanLunduke Would love to.... but sadly can't. Have always managed to fix it so no real screw up.

@BryanLunduke Accidentally ran chmod -R 777 on a bind mount to /. It broke a few things, mostly sudo. Full story in this thread:

@BryanLunduke Its not linux that screws up and lets me down , its people

@BryanLunduke it was during my college presentation. My laptop running Ubuntu won't connect to the projector. Had never done it so had no idea how. Sadly had to connect to mate's windows system as it has plug&play video output

@BryanLunduke When the person I was dating wanted a printout, but won't connect to the printer.

@BryanLunduke somebody thought it was a good idea to use btrfs a few months ago.
now his video collection is down to 100GB (which I had on my f2fs laptop) from a full 2TB hard drive.
thanks btrfs. *has to rip all his dvds again*

@BryanLunduke When I first tried Linux (it was 2006, I think), I had no idea what distro to choose, so I picked one of the big ones at random. It happened to be Slackware. Installing it was a horror story by itself, but even worse: it booted to text mode by default. It took like two weeks before I heard about the command "startx" and was amazed to discover, that Linux also had that Windows-like GUI thingy.

@BryanLunduke Some other time, I tried to install MySQL on this Slackware machine by doing: ./configure -> wait 5 minutes -> missing dependency -> google the dependency name and download tarball from some obscure website -> ./configure -> wait 5 minutes -> missing dependency / wrong version of the dependency etc. I gave up after a few hours.

@BryanLunduke Huh... There are no more scarier stories than Windows horror stories!

@BryanLunduke And every time Linux was "screwing up" (the scariest time being the broken ext4 metadata, I think) I was able to fix and I never lost any data! And I started with Linux (more seriously) somewhere last year...

@BryanLunduke I am not sure you will find too many Linux horror stories because inevitably whenever there is a problem it comes down to - "I shouldn't have done that..."

@BryanLunduke Kernel update broke Bluetooth the night before I had to give a presentation in a room with a Bluetooth audio setup and keyboard. Ended up having to explain why I needed to run cables to my laptop...

@BryanLunduke My horror stories are all about new CPUs and GPUs and the havoc they cause when trying to update the linux kernel.

@BryanLunduke I am not sure you will find Linux horror stories because inevitably whenever there is a problem it comes down to - "I shouldn't have done that..."

I haven't had any recently, other than a special USB device didn't mount on my laptop when I was trying to be cool.
A while back that acer driver blocked my WiFi card.
Elementary's top panel likes to crash.