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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

I'll be talking to Todd Weaver (CEO of Purism), on Monday's , about this phone. Got questions for him?

@BryanLunduke Wow. Linux world is faster than I thought!

@BryanLunduke How did the collaboration with Matrix come to be?

And once the Purism phone gets its new dialing/messaging app that's powered by Matrix, will it be a cross-platform app that I could use on my desktop/laptop and maybe even my Android phone?

Interested in seeing new apps for Matrix pop up.

@BryanLunduke How are they going to approach the choice of os.
Will they be like android and go the Java way or will they use something else.

@BryanLunduke is optional Android compatibility considered? Will it be able to dual boot? Are the firmware and hardware free?

@grainloom @BryanLunduke this,
also not sure of specs but I think some sort of intel atom to allow x86 apps with campatablity with some major distro and usb c so you can hook up a dook to make it a full linux desktop would be ideal any plans for this sort of functionanity? If you dont have this why? App comparability is a huge thing for a phone and allowing it to tap into both android and some major linux distro would stop it being another windows phone

@BryanLunduke Purism really emphasizes that its mobile will be open to running whatever GNU/Linux OS the user chooses, though it seems to be silent on Android compatibility.

I assume a person could install an AOSP based OS for app compatibility (I wouldn't... I would use a Debian derivative, but many people might). If that assumption is correct do you think this multi OS support will help Purism succeed where other alternatives have failed?

@BryanLunduke Why start off doing hardware instead of getting a working OS on an already available device such as the nexus 5?

@BryanLunduke I use 2-in-1 dell laptop. Linux touch support is horrible. How PureOS will fix that problem? How to use the phone with other distros only by touch input?

@BryanLunduke Do you (Purism Team) aim to have these devices certified as "RYF" certified smartphones by the Free Software Foundation?

@BryanLunduke Q: Would Purism consider SailfishOS as OS if Silica(UI framework) was completely open?

@BryanLunduke Is a cooperation with Plasma Mobile possible instead of creating another mobile OS incarnation with the same goal?

@BryanLunduke Gnome as mobile phone OS? Are you nuts? :P

What measures have been taken to separate the baseband chip? How is it connected? Can the power for it be switched off individually?

The neo900 team announced that the device will be able to inform you if the baseband chip is doing something unexpected. Is something similar planned for the Librem 5?

@BryanLunduke Yeah: How far is coreboot & disabling the intel ME coming along for the v2 models?

@BryanLunduke are there any plans about cooperating with fairphone for supply (and production), to have ethical/fair trade materials to make this an even greater libre phone?
Also, would it be possible and would it make sense to cooperate with the halium project (and fairphone) just for the sake of having more resources to reach the pretty much similar goals?

@BryanLunduke Will they create a completely new phone middleware stack or will they leverage whats already around from projects like Openmoko and similar? and such.

@BryanLunduke A friend of mine got a Purism Librem 15" Laptop. It was shipped with a proprietary BIOS, a keyboard where some keys don't work properly (like <shift> or <backspace>) and a very loud CPU fan wich isn't capable to cool the CPU to an acceptable temperature under load. Will the Librem 5 phone be of better quality and hold what is promised on your site?