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@BryanLunduke Loved the content of this video. And, I have no idea how your video on tmux, which was pretty good btw, was deemed offensive.

@BryanLunduke Break up Google and than an Youtube link.That's really ironic xD LBRY link please :D

@bryanlunduke queue Larry Page ranting about how he doesn't like tmux

@BryanLunduke Google is not a valuable company, Apple is.

@BryanLunduke I guess he's getting the same recommendations that I keep getting like "How to stalk Bryan Lunduke" / "Bryan Lunduke's exact location right now" / "What does Bryan Lunduke taste like with cream cheese".

You're all getting those recommendations too, right?.... Right?!

*sound of crickets chirping*

@BryanLunduke I copy this url into the YouTube app search and it comes up with a video titled "Optimistic Nihilism" 🤔

@BryanLunduke Or have Good trustable alternatives... If there are no good alternatives, then what. Also It slightly reminded to

Also which email you would recommend then?

@BryanLunduke Im almost ready to remove my Google dependency...

my ugly plan..

get a dedicated domain , with decent email hosting as part of the deal (selfhosting email is = PITA)

selfhost NextCloud on a OrangePi One (quadcore 1.2ghz) connected via lan to a 2TB mycloud NAS that will be mounted via sshfs running debian it will also run minidlna locally. the OPi dos the heavy lifting and the wimpy NAS serve to the local network

A cubietruck will act as a local imap backup to my hosted email

@JaseEW @BryanLunduke i use zoho for my email. I like it though it's not prefect.

@kz6fittycent @BryanLunduke
Zoho is Great!,one of a few good places you can host your own domain email for "free".

I use Zoho to host a domain that I use for my "everyday" non-critcal email needs , their free tier offers services that are great for keeping family connected (although aimed at business)

my (last remaining) Gmail address has been in daily use since the invite only "gmail beta" days in 2004, so has a lot of "critical" email connectivity involved - which is what I will be moving