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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Librem 5, Linux-powered smartphone w/Privacy features - Lunduke Show

@BryanLunduke Looks really good and honestly wonder what it would be like if AnBox could work as it would allow for the best of both worlds...

@BryanLunduke I'll have to make a steam punk pocket chip in the mean time.

@BryanLunduke How do you keep yourself private on the internet? Aside from tor, blocking cookies etc, do you also change you're useragent? What about tracking based on browser fingerprinting ? Is there a way to counter that? This website showcases private browsing tracking in the real world :

I'm a bit disenchanted - if that's the right word.

For all I know, this is not the first phone where the baseband chip is separated. I think the Linux based N900 had this, and many others.

He said that the baseband chip runs "on free software in the kernel". By that he meant (from their FAQ) that the driver for the baseband chip is FOSS. That still means that the baseband is running proprietary software.

What advantage does this phone have over existing solutions?