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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Linux Thursday is almost upon us! What burning, Linux, & FOSS-y questions do you have for our intrepid hosts?

@BryanLunduke Hello Lunduke and Matt! Let's discuss systemd and the Unix philosophy, please. Thank you.

@BryanLunduke What do you think about the i3wm or tilting window managers? and would you use them all the time?

-love MisterJar.
PS: I run debian

@BryanLunduke Please recommend a good whatsapp alternative. All my friends and family are addicted to whatsapp and I don't like them getting 'used'. Can you recommend me a good whatsapp alternative that is freedom loving. I am willing to burn some money setting up servers and stuff. I was thinking of using mastodon but I don't think it has personal messaging. It would be great if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks. P.S. love your show.

@gandhi @BryanLunduke Wired.

Pro: It's fast
Pro: It's open source now
Pro: Encrypted by default

Con: it's centralized

@BryanLunduke Any thoughts on usenet newsreaders on Linux? I have used both Pan and Knode, which both support x-face bitmap headers. Thunderbird and Seamonkey work fine but don't support x-face. How about terminal newsreaders, I use tin. Thoughts on any other Linux (or FreeDOS) newsreaders than those mentioned above?


As of late, Netflix has begun blocking rooted Android phones from being able to access media; citing concern for piracy.

Here's a scary thought...

What if they decide to block all Linux users, too? What if they cite the fact that we can drop to root shell and somehow pirate media from their streaming services? I have no idea how we could!

How much farther can the stupidity go? Because honestly, it's gotten pretty far...

I look forward to your comments.

@kz6fittycent @BryanLunduke Linux users _always_ had/have the option to break DRM for personal use, we just choose not to.

Windows users can do the same... But it's a lot harder.

@yuki_is_bored @BryanLunduke systemd works great on production servers... It's the testing servers that get screw-y.

@BryanLunduke If the world ends tomorrow and the only way to save yourself was to run slackware on all computers that you have,

Would you do it?

Or will you die like a Mac user?