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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Linux Thursday is almost upon us! Got questions? Got topics?

Let us know here and it just might make it on the .

@BryanLunduke what are your thoughts on the various package managers and their ubiquity? apt, yum, pkgsrc, etc? Do you think they have an impact on the linux community at large?

@BryanLunduke Will Linux, and open source software in general, help secure the future of crypto currencies or is it doomed from inception?

@BryanLunduke Barcelona Spain is using the idea of open source/ libre software not just in the use of Linux, but in the protection of people's rights their own data? They have made it so that the data generated by the citizens of the city is owned by the people who create it, just by living their lives, and they make it available to the citizen who the data is about? The state has lost its soverignty to large corporations, Googhal, large telecoms, even power generation- in terms of data?

@BryanLunduke They say the citizens have a right to the data about them and they are empowering people to own their data?

Please interview the IT director Francesca Bria, a professor at Imperial College Business School Innovation Studies.

@BryanLunduke As the retired MS-Software-converter that you are why people are so bound to their words, excels and adobes? And I am talking about folks that are to stupid to find the "any" key on their keyboard. Was has to be done to show them that they have choices and don't need to use expensive propr. bloatware?

@BryanLunduke ooopsie... So much typos. I was a little in a rage state while typing that :)

@BryanLunduke do you see a rise in participation of meshnet projects like cjdns in the near future? Also, do you think some of them keep it retro hipster with local bbs?

@BryanLunduke what do you think of Reddit going closed source?

Is there any open alternatives?

@BryanLunduke My question from last week RE: the librem 5 kickstarter, but especially the part about Matrix, I'd still like your take on. Cheers

@BryanLunduke Lets talk about printers. I got one and when the ink got over, tried to manually refill it. But the printer won't use the newly added ink and print everything green. It seems like the printer manufacturer wants me to buy new (very expensive) cartridges which I think is against my freedom to use my device as I want. What do you think about this? Also, what do you think would Richard Stallman do about it.

@BryanLunduke how about the viability of gnu linux as an os for phones? Is it viable? Would a non power user be satisfied with it? Yada yada, etc etc...

How to properly update tumbleweed? Zypper dup or zypper up? Olso which is better: bash or zsh?

@BryanLunduke Question: What takes for decentralized social networks, messaging systems, sync services, etc. to get mainstream? What should we do (as enthusiasts and early adopters) so that for the Joe internet user, switching from their centralized silos to our decentralized systems seems "cool"? Or, what is that we don't do but we should? Is it technical limitations of our systems, or is it the entire surveillance capitalism stopping us, or is it just the way we talk about it? Discuss! ☺

@BryanLunduke Do you have any intent to monetise content on LBRY? I am loving the platform, barebones as it is, but would love to support it, by using LBC and helping the currency to work as a currency.

@BryanLunduke got a question for ya. how do you feel about emulation of videogame consoles, and the awesome reality that emulating for example PS3 games on linux is pretty much as fine as on windows, despite linux not using dx11?

@BryanLunduke If the devs were required by law to rename openSUSE after you and you had to pick the new name, what would it be? Lun-dOS, Lundux or something completely different?

@BryanLunduke What are your views on the difference between the FSF-approved, "100%-free" distros and, say, Fedora or Debian? Should I care?

@BryanLunduke An extremely important question and the future of Linux depends on your answer. Does sudo rhyme with voodoo, the Caribbean occult religion, or Judo, the Japanese martial art? Glad you are back and have fun.

@DistroJunkie Maybe @BryanLunduke can verify my answer but I believe such rhymes with judo...which rhymes with "pseudo".

The UNIXy types are renowned for their clever acronyms. SUDO is short for "super user do" but is also a phonetic spelling of pseudo (meaning false or imitation) which describes how the SUDO command works by temporarily imitating another user.

@BryanLunduke @msh My question was totally tongue-in-cheek designed to spoon feed Matt with voodoo and judo to see where he would run with that. Although I have witnessed grown men having an argument about that topic.😃


How not surprised are you that Google has been shown flexing its muscle more and more lately?

If Google could be tamed, would you switch back to their services?

@BryanLunduke Do you LibreBoot/FreeBoot your devices, if yes what %?

@BryanLunduke Also, have you ever met Biff from WattOS? I think he's based in Portland. He might be an interesting interview.


Would you and/or Matt consider writing a book on computing history, given your interest in older computing (e.g. BBS)? Not necessarily on the technical side, but more, "This is what it was and it was awesome," sorts of things.

@BryanLunduke @therealmatthartley In the following hypetheical time warp situation: in a room, you have a Pentium computer, with 64MB Ram, a CD drive, 500MB HDD, connected to a network via 128k serial modem. The boss wants you to install an OS of your choice. What OS would you use and why?🤔

@BryanLunduke is it wrong or a sign of not being well that I think to myself "I wanna learn Vim"? , cuz normally I'm sane enough to know that nano is where its at.