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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Linux Day is almost upon us! What questions/topics do you have for our intrepid, Linux-loving hosts of the ?

@BryanLunduke What where your last mind-blowing experience with Linux? Or isn't there any left?

@BryanLunduke Do you think it matter that GNOME 3.26 is dropping system tray icons?

@BryanLunduke Since many Linux distros try to replicate the look of XP or 7 now, do you think in the future DEs will start to replicate current IOS or Android? Copying Windows XP/7 makes sense as most Linux newbies are coming over from Windows, but as time goes on it will be liked that the only previous computing they will have done is mobile. I know that Endless OS already does this to some extent but do you think the day will come when the standard is for DE's to replicate Android's look?

@BryanLunduke is apple's new phone going too far on pricing?

@BryanLunduke what are other terminal applications you use and will you share your config files? 😊

@BryanLunduke if you had to rewrite any part of any open source software, what would it be and what would you make it do that it doesn't now?

@BryanLunduke how far do you think the distros like Elementary OS that cater to the "never touch a terminal" user can go? Will there ever be a completely terminal free distro?