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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Google blocking apps that show people... where to vote?!

It is shocking, and tech-companies shouldn't have that power.

But they were required to do so by Spanish national government and law enforcement.

They possibly shouldn't censor Chinese search-results either, but this is basically the same thing.

National government doesn't want local government voting on independence, and they have the courts and cops.

If Google were ordered by the US Feds to block access to California's succession-voting they would also do so i guess.

@bryanlunduke Such a shame! Once, I think it was when Libyan authorities blocked internet access in 2011, Google and Twister worked together to allow people to tweet via telephone line.

@BryanLunduke Honestly I fully understand why they did so. The referendum is illegal in the eyes of Spain + (afaik) the UN and as long as it is illegal, Google is not obliged to keep apps in their store that support illegal voting. The real question should be if it is OK for the spanish government to forbit the referendum but I can't say to much on that myself. Of course I condemn unnecessary police violence.

@BryanLunduke I understand every day more the removal of their old motto “Don’t be evil” 😔