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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Nerd Prep - Part 2 : Portable, Battery-Powered Wikipedia

@BryanLunduke If the world ends...You better have a battery power Instructables.

@BryanLunduke @CrimSun pretty sure someone did an open source project on how to rebuild basic industry after civilisation falls.

Helpfully, I can't find the sodding link.

@twistedLucidity @BryanLunduke I mean... The internet can go did if the world ends. Where's food and water?

@BryanLunduke @CrimSun that's the point. You need something that takes you from "How to build a lean-to" through "How to build a forge and cast metal" then on to "Machinery 101".

Still can't find what I want, but this link is pretty good with outbound links:

Print on to velum and store in a safe place. ☺

just a reminder for you:
here you are branded as a (unknowingly) fascist supporter who's spreading their message into the tech community.

I'm awating for a statement about your anti antifa video.

@paulfree14 Huh? Who's branded me as what for the whosawhatnot?

@paulfree14 Who are you and why are you "branding" me as something?

@BryanLunduke I'm not a native english speaker. ...if that's where the problems coming from.
Other framing. You might be rememberd as a (unkowingly) fascist supporter.

@paulfree14 Did I "support fascism"? If you can provide me with a direct quote where I state that... I'll gladly and quickly retract it.

But I didn't say anything like that. Ever.

Either you can back up your statements or... you are knowingly making things up to attack me. Which is libel. Which is against the law.

@BryanLunduke @paulfree14 this is the mindset of those who align with antifa, you're either with them or you are their enemy hence a nazi (or some bullshit).

@jeff @paulfree14 I'm, apparently, a pretty evil Jewish Nazi. :)

@BryanLunduke @paulfree14 whatever you do DO NOT BACK DOWN OR APOLEGIZE you did nothing objectionable.

@jeff @paulfree14 Hey, thanks. I don't think I did or said anything untrue or cruel. I continue to state that if anyone can prove any of my stated facts to be incorrect... I will promptly issue an update.

... Nobody has taken me up on that by providing evidence of any falsehood.

@BryanLunduke @paulfree14 keep up the good fight, we need to keep linux fun and keep the partisan political shit flinging as far away as possible from it if we want it to continue being adopted.

@BryanLunduke @jeff
simple: you spread the narrative that antifa is about terrorism.

@paulfree14 @BryanLunduke maybe they should stop throwing piss bottles at people they baselessly claim are nazis?

@paulfree14 @jeff I stated that some consider Antifa an official "domestic terrorist organization". Which is true. If you disprove that, I will issue a retraction.

@BryanLunduke @jeff
my problem is not that you stated it, but that you shaped a story around antifa is a domestic terrorist organisation.
I mean just because some consider Jews officialy as Subperson I'm not shaping a story around and taking this statement as avidence that jews are Subpersons (Untermenschen)

With that you're taking part in being a voice for fascist propaganda.

@paulfree14 @jeff lol. I am not, in any way, a "voice for fascist propaganda.".

If you can point to *specific* statements I made that are pro-fascism then we can talk. Otherwise... you have nothing of value to say. Period.

@BryanLunduke @paulfree14
being against antifa's political violence means being a supporter of fascism in their narrow minded world.

@BryanLunduke @jeff
so do you believe all these reactions came out of nothing?
fascists have run massive campaigning to descredit anti-fascists. And yes with your video you're supporting this.

antifa is not an organisation.

In a responds to your last toot, you're implying not being pro-fascism. Is it false if I asume you're against fascism then?
Some people call it anti-fascism if one is against fascism.

@paulfree14 @BryanLunduke "The Fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists" ~Churchill

@jeff @BryanLunduke
(that's a comment to jeff)
Remember, people who oppose fascism are the REAL fascists…just like people who oppose murder are the REAL murderers, and the people who opposed slavery are the REAL slavers!

@paulfree14 @jeff

I have done nothing of the sort.

You have not disproven the facts in the video. You have invented a new lie that I am, somehow, "supporting fascism." Something that you have been told, by the source, is not true.

I back up my statements with facts. Provable facts. I even show the websites directly in the video. You need to meet the same level in order to disprove what I have stated.

It should also be noted that you have committed the legal definition of libel.

@BryanLunduke @jeff
I'm in favour of having a discourse with as little douple standart fallacys as possible.
- you said you did nothing of what I claimed without brining any argument in.

- You call me I'm wrong and would lie without depunking where I'm false or disprove it with any facts.

- you say you backup you're statements with facts, and make it look like I wouldn't

- then you make again a statement without bringing any evidence.

.. you have committed the legal definition of libel.

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@BryanLunduke I think the thing some people took umbrage with is the conclusions and/or assumptions you took from those facts. The logic seemed somewhat fallacious, regardless of to whom you were applying it.

Personally I can't imagine you drawing the same conclusions if it were, for example, the Tor network, so many might see your video as not being entirely forthright.

Admittedly this is 2017 and outrage culture being full swing, I can only hope you see some signal amidst the noise.

@ChrisWere @BryanLunduke the difference is that Tor project is a 501c3 no profit that is accountable, antifa has no such thing.

@jeff The donation was to RiseUp not Antifa.

But if Tor's status as a 501c3 were to be revoked for whatever reason, would that become a problem?

@ChrisWere there would no longer be any legally accountable entity to represent the tor network.

@jeff But RiseUp are legally accountable as a private company. They complied with the FBI's two sealed warrants when their platform was used illegally.

@ChrisWere does this mean that riseup is the legal entity that represents antifa similar to tor project representing the tor network?

@jeff No, it's just the argument that Bryan presents is that because some members of Anifa use RiseUp; RiseUp is complicit in what Antifa do. Which is a fallacious argument, guilt by association.

I don't think he would hold Tor accountable for how people use it. But he seems to be holding RiseUp accountable for how people use it.

@ChrisWere Tor isn't a politically partisan entity, at least it shouldn't be. That's the difference.

@jeff Mozilla, Tor and RiseUp all have political values and goals.

If you disagree with the donation based on RiseUp's values or politics, then would be a forthright argument.

@ChrisWere the political partisanship of these companies are harmful to the entire free software movement. that was what @BryanLunduke was saying.

@jeff And I don't necessarily disagree with that. But that was not really the point I was putting forward.

@ChrisWere @jeff
It's telling that RiseUp has no other clients to be found. I found Bryan to be very reflective about his conclusions and willing to take correction, but based on the info available, his conclusions seem correct.

@totallykvothe The conclusions aren't what concern me, I just get a little nervous when this kind of logic is used to get there. I've seen it turn into some nasty witch hunts

Yeah I don't want Mozilla dead or anything. I just want them to explain what's going on. Investigative journalism is a dangerous thing sometimes.

@totallykvothe Yeah, I would like to see Mozilla outline their reasoning too. A lot of FUD about.

@ChrisWere @BryanLunduke RiseUp is not just some random email provider, that happens to provide accounts to among others Antifa activists. Their website states it clear that supporting such movements is the very purpose of their existence.They're invitation-based and in their own words, provide accounts to "allies". So there's nothing far-fetched in drawing a conclusion that they regard Antifa as their "ally".

@BryanLunduke Thank you and keep up the good work.

@bryanlunduke you said mean things about antifa, so their fans put you on a list of punchable people, presumably; probably the best approach to this is to disregard them and get on with your life.