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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Tomorrow is Linux Day! Got questions or topics for the show? Reply here so I see 'em!

@BryanLunduke Where's the most unexpected/unusual place you've seen #Linux "in the wild"?

@BryanLunduke try out brave for a bit and give thoughts on how it is so far.

@BryanLunduke Any updates on the whole Mozilla-RiseUp-Antifa front?

@DistroJunkie probably not. He truly dropped the ball on this one with his lack of knowledge of the RiseUp service.

@BryanLunduke Are the people in the awesome SUSE music videos actual SUSE people, or hired actors? When will you be in one?

@BryanLunduke the Ataribox funding campaign is starting this month on indiegogo. what if you do an other lunduke-a-thon to get 600$ in order to get an Ataribox for you and @TheLinuxGamer ?
And on a side note, if we make it to 900$ i get the 3rd console LOL!

@BryanLunduke Physical QWERTY keyboards on phones - Do you miss them? Wouldn't a QWERTY Slider variant of the librem5 be awesome - think of all the SSHing and bash commands you could do. GSM calls from the prompt? yes please!

@BryanLunduke how far can "no terminal" distros like ElementaryOS and Solus makeit? Will there ever be a distro with no included terminal?

@BryanLunduke any new info on the whole "w3c doesn't actually exist" thing? Or on your w3c membership?

@BryanLunduke Hey Bryan, I wanted to ask you, if you are using wayland on any of your systems? Because I am currently running wayland on my main pc (Fedora w/ GNOME + open source drivers) and it's works pretty fine. All my monitors and steam games work.

I've always used X11 in the past and tests with wayland were always pretty buggy and not usable. But since I switched to Fedora, it seems to work.

What does the free software song sound like when sung by Bryan Lunduke?

@BryanLunduke My high school forces us to buy our own MacBooks, then installs spyware on them. Isn't that great? I've installed Fedora (not sorry at all) and use Firefox/Duckduckgo. What else do you suggest I do?

I am running opensuse tumbleweed in a business environment. And use QuickBooks online. What printer would you recommend? And I need the ability to print checks. Ps I'm not afraid to dig deep to find drivers, but would truly love to use a product that natively supports linux.

@BryanLunduke Will you continue to advocate for the pocket chip if NTC goes under and leaves a bunch of customers out to dry?

@BryanLunduke My good laptop kinda mucked up, so I've been using Debian/LXDE on an old netbook these past few weeks... I just love that setup. So snappy and out of the user's way. Do you think this would more succesfully market linux to users of other OSes than the "it looks like Windows" approach taken by some glossy Ubuntu respins?

@BryanLunduke @therealmatthartley

Matt, how did you get into Linux consulting? Where do you find clients? What do you do for them, exactly?

@BryanLunduke Will 2019 be the year of the linux-phone? Now the funding goal for the Librem 5 is reached. Love the show, don't be bogus.

Possibly the most important question this (very eventfull) week:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

@BryanLunduke Would you object to retool your website so it runs entirely from .txt files on a javascript emulated version of linux?