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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

The Politics of Lunduke

(Not my regular show. More of a vlog where I state, clearly, my political stances.)

@BryanLunduke No one in their right mind thinks you're a Nazi. However imo you should be more careful with your accusations as well. You basically labeled every anarch./comm. as a terrorist throughout your moz/rise video (at least it could be interpreted as such). Even if the antifa was a full out terror cell (quite sure many ppl here would want to disagree), you can't just jump to the conclusion that riseup actively supports a terror cell only because they are left leaning.

@BryanLunduke besides that, love your show as always and good guideline for human interaction that you stated in your video. To give some positive vibes here as well. Now we should as go back to what this show really is for: just some tech nerds with love for the libre software :)

@BryanLunduke Another well done video. Been watching you since your early LAS days. VLog or Tech show, I have not been disappointed by you or your show.

@AvnSgt @BryanLunduke

Totally agree.

I've also been watching Bryan since the LAS days. It's been a fun ride. Keep up the good work!

#journalism #technology #podcast

@BryanLunduke I saw the video about antifa rise up. Afterwards I did my own research on antifa as well. I didn't find the article calling them a terrorist organization but I found some that described the good things about antifa (for the first part) (
And then talks about the violence on the second part.

I think you did as good a job on your reporting as I could've expected.

@BryanLunduke You can't escape ideology

I see you as a naive politically shallow liberal, sorry, that's just the default ideology of the majority of the US. :P

@BryanLunduke not trying to cast doubt on your non-naziness, but Jewish nazis (Slavic Jewish nazis to boot!) Are a thing that exists. I cannot comprehend how one subscribes to an ideology that wants you dead, but there it is. "Israel's nightmare: Homegrown neo-Nazis in the Holy Land"

@BryanLunduke I don't know if should commend you or shake my head for you giving exactly the food the trolls wanted, instead of a cup of shut the fuck up.

@BryanLunduke I never thought you were a nazi, or even particularly right leaning. TBF, the prior video didn't meet the standard that I know you can do. You've done some amazing work, particularly recently with the W3C. But you're right in your new video, you don't really do politics, so why make that video in the first place? It seems like an odd thing to latch onto.

"But you're right in your new video, you don't really do politics, so why make that video in the first place?"

Well, that one is easy to answer: You remember the little sponsorship segment in the beginning of the video?
That's why. Controversy generates views (from both sides of the debate, conveniently), and views generate $$$.