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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Tomorrow is Linux Day on the ! Got questions for us? Reply here if you want to be sure I see 'em!

@BryanLunduke Well, I did ask before, but what are your thoughts on PHP regarding ? Do you think it's just as bloated as JS or do you see it as being more lightweight and essential to web development?

@BryanLunduke I run an open source project called #VK9 which is a d3d9 implementation over Vulkan. The goal is to have better performance and compatibility than the implementation in Wine. What is your opinion of my project and others like it?

@BryanLunduke is there any hope for us in the Apple walled garden to ever get out? Are there viable alternatives for iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud in the Linux world?

@BryanLunduke In what ways do you and Matt, if any, compromise privacy for commodity?

@BryanLunduke I have had a great Tumbleweed experience. I am upgrading my server. I am leaning Tumbleweed over Leap. Pros? Cons? What are your thoughts?

@BryanLunduke Hopefully you don't miss this attempt:

Should #Linux devs continue trying save #BTRFS, or should we instead focus on porting #HAMMER or helping DragonFly BSD with #HAMMER2? Linux native filesystems don't seem to be going anywhere and are woefully outdone by #HAMMER & #ZFS. Where do you think that leaves all the companies jumping on the #Linux hype train?

Also, is #Plan9 better than #TempleOS? And would you consider running #Plan9 on a CHIP?

@BryanLunduke what do you think about using single board computers for making a cheap network attached storage? I have a 2TB NAS made from Raspberry pi and it has been working flawlessly for couple of years now.


Virtualbox is the easiest VM to use, but Oracle yadda yadda free yadda yadda, what VM would be a better alternative to a noob not wanting to run Oracle products?

also just found this today, so unsure really what it is, but because the www sucks, if I make a website, should I use this


Imagine the most awesome storage medium. What is it?

Mine is a flash based, and really durable floppy disk.


If you could build the perfect computer, what would it be comprised of, what would its purpose be and what would out look like?

@BryanLunduke Lunduke,

Question 1: - When are you going to show us you get-ting a haircut for Patreon users.

I want to see you talking to *real* people !

@BryanLunduke what's a day in the life of Bryan Lunduke like?


If tomorrow Hurd, the kernel, was just as usable as Linux, the kernel, would you switch, or is your "butgroove" with Linux?

@BryanLunduke I just got myself a glorious PocketCHIP, and I need a web browser! As the screen is not really big, I'll go with a terminal based one, so w3m, Links, ELinks or Lynx?

@BryanLunduke Did you get to keep that awesome spear from the System76 SuperFan event?

Can you give us any hints about ?