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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Tomorrow is Linux Day on ! Got questions? Got topics?

Reply here to make sure I see 'em!

@BryanLunduke I get the impression that you and Matt are a little down on Linux Mint. Am I correct? While it's not my fav, I can appreciate that most of the windows users out there are low tech. With the community and tutorials, they have a dedicated user base that is willing to help the low tech user. Wouldn't the world be a better place if most of the windows users switched to Linux Mint, ir any other distro for that matter?

@BryanLunduke it would be nice if you speak a little bit about debian, or how much the debian project impulsed an set the base of a lot of succesful distros like, mint,ubuntu ,elementary etc.


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Okay - sorry for shouting before.

You're the dude !

Be interesting to see how the "nagg notification" shall come into force on the elementaryOS side of things. I also liked the idea that it is 'Pay OR leave App review' that you sad.

Sometimes bad-feedback (i.e. what is wrong with the app) is better than money.

I like Daniel F. - he's a duder
and an intellectual.

Also , (go to 2 of 2)

@BryanLunduke I don't know if it's been asked before, but what was your first computer?

@BryanLunduke Have you ever used systemd-boot? I've been using it on Arch for the past year and I love it since it does not have the issues with LUKS on LVM + Nvidia Drivers that I've had with Grub. Is there any reason this is not an option during installation of almost all distros. They already use systemd for everything else, why not use it for boot as well?

@BryanLunduke If you had to use a non-linux UNIX-like system, which would you choose and why?
If you couldn't use a UNIX-like system, or Windows, what would you use?

@BryanLunduke How do you feel about users using the "non-free" repositories in Debian or other OSes.

Do you think that everyone should use the "main" and "contrib" repos even though the "non-free" repos provide better performance?

Did you know that (GNU/)emacs is working on Mastodon integration?

What do you think is the future of Wayland?

What do you think of Unity now that Ubuntu shut it down?

How far do you see initial Wayland adoption for desktop/home use in the coming years.

@BryanLunduke Is Plan 9 the real answer to containerization?
What's up with Harvey OS, 9front and the rest of the gang?

@BryanLunduke Could you please talk about Windows Subsystem for Linux. Who is it meant for? Who are actually using it? What is it most closest to in similarity, whether in past or present. I'm curious as to why it is not distro agnostic. Thank you.

@BryanLunduke Why does Linux documentation, for the layman, suck so badly? Would you ever consider doing a "Linux Documentation Sucks" lecture/rant? Any ideas how I can help make it suck less? Where would one go to get involved in making openSUSE documentation, specifically, suck less?

@BryanLunduke can you talk about the horror that is printing in Linux? 2 days ago, I spent half a hour configuring the papersize and then it printed on it in postmark size.

@BryanLunduke From what I gather, penguins used to be significantly larger in the distant past. Now, they're not. Does this bode well for the future of Linux?

@BryanLunduke How do you and Matt deal with the foreign languages on Mastodon. I get a bunch of French and Spanish that I cannot/will not read. What do y'all do?


What is the biggest shortfall for Linux in terms of businesses adopting it as a their main platform?

Is it mind-share and marketing or is the fear of the unknown?

In what ways can the community improve those shortfalls?

P.S. My business runs everything on Linux. Everything.

@BryanLunduke If you weren't a board member at OpenSUSE, would you be an Arch user? If not, which distro would you use?