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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

- Google forces DRM into web standards to limit your access to content based on money, location, & software.

- Google now is blocking ALL YouTube content from competing platforms.

- But Google supports because "freedom".


@BryanLunduke Net neutrality is necessary, tho.

Google is just trying to have a good marketing image here.
They must look liberal and "againstr trump"

@BryanLunduke Their bussiness model is 'When we make money out of it, we control it. If it doesn't matter if we make money out of it it's okay.' So yeah, this was to be expected.


I'm not surprised. Some may see this as simply a tit-for-tat situation

I see this as potentially something more, increasingly Amazon & Google expand into area's that previously only one excelled.

Both increasingly dependent (Amazon less so at the moment) on our demographical & personal information as

with Google's worrying submittance for in-kernel DRM & the popularity of Youtube as a resource platform, they clearly seek dominance if Amazon are not willing to share.

@JaseEW @BryanLunduke Amazon is equally dependent on that information as they are into sales, where demography and personal info play a large role.

Frankly, Google doesn't even need DRM since they control Android (currently the most popular platform as per stats), and all the telemetry they need is available through that. So, I don't think this is something about just sharing of data between the two companies, but something else.

@prahladyeri @BryanLunduke

There is a lot going on, in realtion to how companies can process and use data, Google may well see DRM as a portal to processing data post GDPR europe (25th May is coming fast). I suspect 2018 is going to be a interesting year in this regard.

@BryanLunduke Got burned once when the Sony TV stopped supporting YouTube anymore. Now I use raspberry pi for youtube and miracast for Amazon prime and others. No point in buying proprietary hardware bundle when you know it will stop working.

@BryanLunduke Yeah. Hey, I am really glad I don't have to go through the torture of using a single google product. I don't watch youtube, I watch bitchute, I don't use chrome, I use firefox, I don't use Google, I use Duckduckgo. So, all you google peasants having to deal with this bullshit. Ha!

@BryanLunduke with #NetNeutrality friends like Google who needs enemies?

"don't mess with the network ypu ISPs...messing with customers internet should only be done ABOVE layer good folks like us!"

This kind of behaviour reminds me a bit of the instant messenger wars of the early Noughties (AIM vs MSN vs Yahoo etc) where all parties put the smackdown on all efforts to create interoperability of any kind. And of course EVERYBODY loved that...*sigh*

@BryanLunduke google allows you to watch youtube if you watch advertisements too. Otherwise while would he pay for it?

@BryanLunduke This reminds me of when google killed Youtube for the windows phone 8
many years ago, and even though I don't use their phone, it's still a cunt act

@BryanLunduke The whole Net neutrality thing is bothering me too. It's an issue that will only effect companies.

Perhaps the sadder thing is people who are actually protesting this for companies like google. They don't realize that google and friends actually benefit from NN.