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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

The "Software Freedom Law Center" has posted a blog post today where they propose a settlement with the Software Freedom Conservancy.

I lose an increasing amount of respect for Eben Moglen by the day.

My opinion:

The SFLC should DROP this matter entirely and apologize to Conservancy, all projects that work with Conservancy, and the greater Free Software public. That is the only right course of action for an organization that truly cares about Free Software.

But Eben Moglen (the head of the SFLC) doesn't do that. Instead he takes pot shots at Conservancy and demands that Conservancy (and "all the organizations and individuals involved") never speak badly ("non-disparagement") about SFLC ever again.


"If we cannot settle swiftly on [my] terms, litigation must continue." #Paraphrasing. #ButProbablyTrue

I'll go a step further. He should tender his resignation. He's doing more harm than good to the community. I hate to see anyone lose their job but this is becoming hurtful and divisive to/within the movement.