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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Linux Thursday on the is tomorrow!

Got questions? Got topics? Is it at least somewhat Linux-related? Post it with the hashtag so I see it!

(If you leave off the hashtag... I'll probably miss it. So, don't forget that part!)

@BryanLunduke What happened to your RPi Laptop in a briefcase project. Would you consider building it on a asus tinkerboard instead?

Have you tried Jekyll? Could this be salvation from bloated CMS's?

I remember you being dissatisfied with WordPress. I recently found Jekyll. It works great for blogging and is supper light on bandwidth. Despite being static the site can still have dynamic elements such as comments by embedding external services like Disqus.

I'm thinking about switching over myself and would love to hear your opinion.

My site on Jekyll:

@BryanLunduke the main top guys in the world of openness and freedom of computing are Linus torvalds and RMS, when they sadly go to rest in peace who you think will take their role then? i see Greg kroah-hartman as the next Linux chief (or ikey doherty for being good enough with brilliant curse words), but i can't thinnk of anyone as our next GNU-PastaMan ! can you?


Hey Bryan. What do you think are the prospects of a commercially available RISCV processor? Do you think AMD or Intel would ever be into that?

@BryanLunduke Regarding your new Linux 0.01 T-shirt, will you ever make a video trying out some ancient kernels/distros/desktop environments? Would make for some great content!

@BryanLunduke two questions for #LinuxThursday:
1 - if Google dropped Android for Fuchsia, wouldn't it be a good thing, as the FOSS community could keep developing for an already strong platform? Are there implications I am not seeing?
2 - why Matrix doesn't receive press like Signal and, to a lesser extent, Wire? For me, it seems to tick all the boxes. Is there anything wrong with it?


What are some of the best FLOSS projects/organizations/etc. that seek to help poor people get out of poverty?

@BryanLunduke did you ever get confirmation that Facebook had purged your data 100%

#LinuxThursday Between Open Source initiative of ESR, and Free Software initiative of Richard Stallman, which one do you favor/support, and why?

@BryanLunduke What are your thoughts on hacking your way around planned obsolescence? People look at the iPhone X and sees it as the future, but I see a device I could get dirt cheap once people see it as worthless. I've thought of buying a near EOL iOS device, investing in creative apps that will do it's job like you could in theory still use Photoshop 7.0 today, jailbreak it, backup my purchases apps, sell it, and buy it again when it's dirt cheap. or do you see this as stupid as a hackintosh?