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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

What does the main() function (of main.c) of the very first release of Linux (0.01) look like when printed on a T-Shirt?

This. This is what it looks like.

@BryanLunduke where should I go to browse the entire linux 0.01 source?
I was gonna do it with git, but then I remembered that git hasn't existed for a major part of linux's lifespan :v

@ivesen @BryanLunduke they used bitkeeper when it was closed source (it's open now.) before git

You'd probably be best off using old .tar.gz copies.

@miwilc @BryanLunduke I somewhat doubt anyone would have interest in putting malicious copies of linux 0.01 on the internet, but I get the point

@BryanLunduke Awesome! I also got the Linux 0.01 source code on my machine. Understanding these older versions is much easier than this big chunk of code in the newer versions.