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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

No Lunduke Files today. Again. Got a stomach flu (those of you that watched the live stream yesterday heard my whining about it kicking in).

Luckily there are 5 other shows I've produced this week to keep everyone entertained.

Well. "Entertained". ;)

@BryanLunduke THATS IT!


@BryanLunduke What have you done with Bryan! ( Hope you feel better soon! )

@BryanLunduke The emergency anti CIA unit is dispatched and on there way. If you suddenly get an imaginary pizza delivery man tell him to follow the 'WhiteRabbit'. :P (Not actually going to send anyone)

@BryanLunduke Perhaps you can change strategy and do a pre-recorded version in advance scheduled for upload? Then they arrive at your door to late with the tubes of flu. Opensource powered security camera's adviced.


Dude, again? once is permissible, twice is a "coincidence", has someone tainted your water supply?

I ask as I noticed you were asking (on Twitter) how to solve an issue you have with Apple iTunes and even hinted at using windows...

Have you received delivery of any strange looking plants?

Remember Invasion of the Body Snatchers?, I'm thinking Bryan has been replaced a (Google) PodPerson... have you also noticed @therealmatthartley went AWOL two Thursdays in a row...

@JaseEW @BryanLunduke I'm alive. Been buried in family/work crap. Sending out a "Toot" shortly with an update. I'm still here. :)

@JaseEW @BryanLunduke Regarding Bryan's episode absence, I can attest first hand that him missing a show kills him. It's definitely not intentional. Being on camera ALL THE TIME is hard, especially with a family. Colds, flu(s), life happens, trust me. If he misses an episode of something, it's warranted. Just my two cents. ;)

Cancelled again?! I'm sending Mulder and Scully in to investigate.

@BryanLunduke Coincidence? I don't think so. Someone wants to stop Bryan from recording his new show. 😱😅

@BryanLunduke I'm not buying it. You have obviously killed Hartley, and you spend Fridays wondering why you did it. You hold it together on Thursday long enough to get through the show. You wake up Friday feeling the guilt. That knot in your stomach is getting worse. How long can you keep this up, smiling and pretending it's going to be ok? Sure, you try to drown it out with scotch and blow, but it keeps nagging. Are you a monster, or was it justified? Was it real, or just a dream? Bad tacos?

@Ctrl_Alt_Del @BryanLunduke On Friday he is probably working on his fake Heartley engine. It consists of previous responses taken from all the shows so he can make it seem natural and hide the evidence by clicking the appropriate responses for almost any topic.

it's alrighty
you are the Duke of the Lun

its your show after all,I will be happy to see it