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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Been hunkering down and analyzing the stats for the . Something that I keep thinking about:

1 single "big live show" (Linux Sucks, Windows is Awesome, etc.) gets as many views as between 1 and 6 *months* worth of my weekly shows.

1) go on tour
2) make the $$$ (because all Linux people roll in cash. T'is a fact.)
3) Join MS.
4) Get called blowhole
5) Join Google
6) Build Google OS
7) Rename to Lundule OS
8) make arm/IoT builds
9) join marketing
10) release a virus that steals bank details in the IoT builds.

Go to step 2

@BryanLunduke To be fair, you have to actually put on pants and leave the house to do a live show at a conference. The weekly shows you can just drink a Pepsi in your undies and roll with the punches.