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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Trying something new this week: !

We take your questions and topics -- anything, as long as it's good and nerdy.

Comic books. Computers. Space travel. Movies. Soldering irons. It all works.

Use the hashtag and it might make it in the show!

@BryanLunduke #NerdyTuesday

What do you think about the current state of opensource peer2peer Youtube alternatives?

I know you where on LBRY but it was inconvenient to use a client. Other alternatives like bitchute and D.Tube are browser based and use blockchain technology and/or torrents to distribute the content while in case of D.Tube allowing monetization based on likes.

Which ones do you currently use and which ones would you like to try if any?

@BryanLunduke something about making a mini arcade machine would be cool.
Should be fun and nerdy. #NerdyTuesday

@BryanLunduke Nice. I am a CLI-nerd. What I miss is a Personal Information Management tool which does not only one thing but all PIM things. There's emacs orgmode, yes. But it's not really for organizing all PIM data, only for organizing some things.

That's why I started "imag" - the plain text PIM suite for CLI-nerds. It is written in Rust. Here's the website: - some things already, but we're not there yet. More in the docs. Would love contributions! Beginners welcome!


How can we grt open source hardware and specs?
For example I should be able to get diagrams for pinning out PC parts. It seems stupid to replace a board or gpu if you can bust out a meter,diagnose the failed component and solder a new one in.
If I can do it for automotive components it shouldn't be that big of a stretch for other electronic components.


Seen 'The Cloverfield Paradox' on Netflix yet?, if not watch it, then discuss.

I'm looking forward to the 4th cloverfield 'Overlord' due later this year!

@BryanLunduke I know I have asked about this a lot and it’s probably annoying but, nerd prepper series? I’d be cool if that were pattern perk even.

@BryanLunduke First question. RPGs, pen-and-paper?, CRPs (BauldersGate)?, JRPGs? Play any?

@BryanLunduke is there a generic term for devices like raspberry pi? I'm interested in trying one out but I don't have external keyboard, monitor, etc. Just my laptop. Is it still possible to install an OS and perhaps run it in headless mode somehow? I'm hoping it's something I can carry when I travel to folks' place and connect to their monitor and keyboard and work from.. Is that possible?