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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Nerdy Tuesday - Wendell of Level1 Techs - Feb 6th, 2018

For this inaugural , I am joined by Wendell from Level1Techs. Made possible by PogoLinux, System76, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

We take your questions about all manner of nerdy topics -- Star Wars, Star Trek, RPGs, code editors, operating systems on the Death Star, how awful Javascript is, Transformers... we're all over the place!

@BryanLunduke you beautiful bastard, you brought my favourite same-category-as-you-but-not-quite-really youtuber on your show :D
(ignore my horrible attempt at trying to say you're not second)

@BryanLunduke Brilliant, thanks for getting Teddybear Wendell there. I really want to see more of this.

@BryanLunduke I am watching level1techs, but as soon that is over I can't wait to watch this.

@BryanLunduke If Nerdy Tuesday stays on the schedule, can we have more Wendell.

@BryanLunduke I always love seeing you and Wendell collaborate!