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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

It's almost on the !

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I have been unable to find open source inkjet printers. Is this something we should consider building and refining, for OpenSource? I'm not sure I could do it. But I want to at least help in some way if someone smart enough is willing.

@BryanLunduke What do you think about the FSF-approved, "completely free" distros, compared to the more widely used distros? Should I care about using "100% free software"?

@BryanLunduke if you had the finances, would you go to Mars, even if it was only a one way ticket..?
If not, why not and who from any point in history would you send there? (they don't have to be evil... They couple be cool science folk)

@BryanLunduke Linux question would you be up to doing an ARM only challenge for a week or so and reporting your findings? 🙃