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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

So far blocked a good handful of anti-Semites here on Mastodon.

Any other people that wish for the death of the Jews that I should know about and block?

@bryanlunduke Well I was shocked when reading some statements of the people and their thoughts. :( Thanks for having this clear!

@BryanLunduke man that is NOT COOL. Most especially since so many people came to Mastodon instances as a refuge from Nazi type people.

As an instance admin I'd also add you should report such people to the admins of their respective instances so they can be dealt with. They are like (bad) graffiti...if they are not cleaned up they attract more blight.

@msh Appreciate that. You're a good one. :)

Honestly, I'm torn on how to deal with it. Mostly I just block those people... I'm a die hard "Free Speech" kinda guy... even when I disagree with the speech.

Dunno. It's hard. :)

@bryanlunduke @msh The problem is: What to do when people are their own "administrator" on their own instance? I don't like blocking either, therefore I prefer questioning and marking arguments just as empty reasoning. But to underline the first question / sentence, because I'm shocked about the typical way of "That's my opinion, deal with it!" I have read just a few moments ago within those talks.

@throgh @msh It is a tough one. Honestly... if I were running my own Mastodon instance... I'm not sure how I'd respond. On the one hand, blocking evil seemd prudent.

On the other hand... blocking stops conversation. And limits speech. Which I wouldn't want done to me.

Hard, man. Hard.

@bryanlunduke @msh Not easy at all, but perhaps helpful: When talking is limited to one discussion and the account with false arguments could get the chance of returning and not doing some kind of "stalking" - had this on #Diaspora with pamphlets and insinuations - there could be a chance. You could evaluate the situation within the next days: Calling out an argument #antisemitic could help, because the person behind the account got the chance to think about.

@BryanLunduke @throgh it is a difficult problem but not entirely new. The fediverse has a similar vibe to Citadel BBSes (remember those? 😜) and I try to approach moderation like the better Citadel sysops did, that being to take a relatively light stance and deal with personal drama, hate and threats directly, and generally just put the more crazy users to the Twit Room LOL

@BryanLunduke @throgh @msh

I don't think its that hard of a decision. Nazis advocate for genocide, and they gaslight non-nazis and abuse your value of free speech to normalize their hate in public conversations. They contort the idea of free speech into meaning that everyone should give them a platform, which is definitely not how it works.

Nazis aren't just speaking their mind, they're actively trying to manipulate people.

@msh @throgh @BryanLunduke

I want to be clear, I don't mean a zero tolerance policy. Its obviously not that simple. However, don't feel bad about blocking these accounts or instances if you see a problem.

@throgh @BryanLunduke TBH the ultimate ideal would be if everyone was admin of their own instance, or at least if they were small "family" instances.

This is because some instances are a bit overzealous and moderate by domain instead of account which I think does intrude on speech far too much. I do not block whole instances at all (I will filter/silence as a last resort though) as I feel that damages federation.

No reason I have to be the one to provide the soapbox for any one crank though.

@msh @bryanlunduke Blocking just a whole domain / instance is not helpful within a decentral network, absolutely correct. So I think it's just helping to evaluate the situation for some days and therefore leaving the block out afterwards. But that's an individual decision and I could understand when participants give in to very harsh behaviour with insulting for example. At least blocking a whole domain is not the way to go!

@BryanLunduke @msh
I agree with your stance, and user blocking doesn't affect federation among instances.

I feel that it would be best to report them privately to the instance admins too, because I'm quite sure any instance our .rocks federates with will be happy to moderate.

On the topic of free speech here's the xkcd:

And for .rocks: Not sure you noticed but I convinced HackJack to unsuspend a few instances.
It is important for everyone to feel comfortable

@miwilc @msh @BryanLunduke
I'm still not sure where I stand on this. I would hate to see whole instances get blocked because of a few bad apples but I'm also afraid that is where we're eventually headed. IMO individual blocking is the way to go for now. There will be growing pains as more people get onboard and then individual blocking may become a full time job. For now, there are some really cool people here. Let's all have fun.

@DistroJunkie @BryanLunduke @msh can't tell for sure but I think .rocks only silences problematic instances, not sure I encountered any that was blocked.

Maybe @HackJack can clearup the policy here?

@BryanLunduke Do you still think that only Jews are Semitic?

@mankaev Really? REALLY? *That* is how you respond to me blocking people for being evil? You nit-pick the words I use?

What's your goal there?

@BryanLunduke Planet Earth have much more problems than blocking "evil" in social networks

@mankaev Huh? Do you always enter a conversation by saying "there's something more important than what you're talking about?"

@mankaev @BryanLunduke that is not an argument. Trying to insert your own moral authority into a conversation is not advised if you want a productive discussion. Of course everyone here knows what a Semite is and is not. So I don't really understand what you are getting at with your interjection.

Semantic arguments are cancer to productive conversation.

@BryanLunduke Please tell me that I am not one of the "anti-semites" and that you have read my freakin toot dude... Otherewise I feel like a shit in the toilet bowi... Please tell me that you've read my toot and planning to respond to it...?

@BryanLunduke I hate Nazis too, but what I hate even more is censorship. It would ok to ban people if they were spamming you or posting disturbing stuff in replies, but banning people just because you THINK they are Nazis is not ok - what if I posted something like creepy pasta story, would you assume that im Nazi and block me just because of that one tweet? Hitler was also supporting censorship, just like you do - he misinformed lot of innocent people - they legitimately thought jews were evil


1) I don't support censorship. I fight against it. As has been talked about at length.

2) I agree with other portions of your statement. But you seem to have no clue who I am or what I stand for.

@milesjake404  It's not about censorship, it's about a complete wrong view regarding Isreal and the conflict. The problem is: People don't recognize #antisemitic postings and describing the people of Isreal as "murderous racists" is that sort of problem in general. You may decide not blocking, but you should also contradict those comments. We don't need even more hatred and prejudices within the societies!

@throgh @milesjake404 @BryanLunduke I was just trolling, thx for wasting your time. In fact I don't even know anything about history, paranoid fags

@BryanLunduke This is very sad but Mastodon is not nerd heaven it's a social medium where all people in the world can participate even the jerks. I can imagine that it's very hard for you to find a way how to deal with those people. But free speech is not the freedom to threaten people it is the freedom to participate constructively in a society. Therefore if you want to encourage free speech you should block those people and report them to the admins.