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Bryan Lunduke @BryanLunduke

Tech as Religion
- or -
Do we, as computer nerds, have specific pieces of tech that are treated as "Sacred Cows?"

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I only know of one thing that seems to be treated that way: Systemd. And it sucks.

@kd0bpv @BryanLunduke Do you think systemd sucks or the fact that it is treated that way? I have finally come around to appreciating systemd.

Systemd does have some things I like, but over all, I dislike it. But what I mostly meant is that it sucks that it's treated like that. For example, I can't use snapd on my system, because it depends on systemd, and I use openrc currently.

More and more, software is trying to force users to adopt systemd. That disgusts me to no end.

@BryanLunduke You could have addressed all the technical rebukes you got, but instead you chose to cast your critics as religious integrists.

Well done...

@BryanLunduke I've made this SAME point countless times.

It's software, not Sacrament.

Programs, not Priesthood.

It's interesting just how myopic we can become over the most mundane things. It's almost like we're hardwired for ignorance. All the while, pointing at others and proclaiming their apparent ignorance. Sigh.