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Bryan Lunduke

Wednesday, June 14th. Right here:

This is gonna be fun.

Related note: No new today as I prep for "WWW Sucks" tomorrow. It'll be worth it.

"Oryx Pro Linux-powered Laptop Review" - Lunduke Hour - June 5, 2017

"Linux Thursday - Somewhat Linux-y Edition" - Lunduke Hour - June 1, 2017. With special guest: The Linux Gamer.

Let the games begin! Building my own, modular, Linux (and RaspberryPi) powered, hand-held game console.

Of the 6 shows listed on the sidebar of r/Linux... I (co-)created half of them. Apparently I make shows about Linux or something. :p

Tomorrow is "Linux Thursday" on !

Questions, topics, ideas you'd like Matt Hartley & I to cover? Reply here and let us know!

The first slide of 1 of the 4 shows I'll be doing at LinuxFest NorthWest. May 6 & 7. Bellingham, WA. Admission is free.

Hot diggity! This place may not have the massive total user count of Twitter... but, at least for me, Mastodon is currently the fastest growing Social Network.

Kapow! New Mastodon users keep flowing in. Only 3 days in and liking this place more and more.