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Bryan Lunduke

Fires. Hurricanes. Nuclear weapons.

When the world seems bleak, just remember... the Rockwell Retro Encabulator.

The Eagle Creek fire here in Oregon. There's a history you can scroll back through -- new shots every few minutes. Just crazy.

Deleted my accounts on Insta and LinkedIn. What a relief! Thanks to @BryanLunduke for inspiring me and being a forerunner.

Battling a sore throat today. Nothing major, but no new today. Full docket to record this week, so hopefully better tomorrow.

"Linux Thursday - Phones & Murder Edition" - Lunduke Show - August 31, 2017

Linux Thursday is almost upon us! What burning, Linux, & FOSS-y questions do you have for our intrepid hosts?

Ditching Google: GMail Alternatives - Lunduke Show

[This is a weekly, exclusive video for my supporters at Patreon.]

Easy data storage services are like fast food -- they’ll give you the IT equivalent of gastronomical distress.

LBRY loves them some Lunduke & troubles with YouTube - Lunduke Show

Librem 5, Linux-powered smartphone w/Privacy features - Lunduke Show

Just a short video detailing the new Patreon perks for my supporters. Including exclusive (and early) videos:

@BryanLunduke I typed your name so often. "Lunduke" is now a recommended word on my mobile. xD

Added some new perks for my Patreon supporters. First supporter-only video comes out on Monday. :)

@BryanLunduke congrats on being spotlight on #LBRY

I'm downloading all of your newest videos to share them and also own some precious credits by that ;)