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Bryan Lunduke

I am getting the weirdest emails today.

Big, hearty high-five to my Fedora buddies on the new release! Well done, dudes!

"W3C Embraces DRM - Declares War on Humanity" - Lunduke Hour - July 10, 2017

@BryanLunduke I respect Tim Berners Lee, but his endorsement of this is inexcusable.

On this all of my books are cost-free and DRM-free.

... just like they are every day.

I'm having one of those "I know I bought some more Kapton tape where is my fargin' Kapton tape" moments.

I'll be recording a special episode of on W3C's approval of EME / DRM as a web standard this Sunday.

Have thoughts on it? Reply here and I'll read the best in show.

@BryanLunduke Wow! There are 119 players in TW2002 on your BBS.

"Star Wars Arcade for the Atari 2600" - Lunduke's Happy Place

A big high five to all of my supporters on Patreon (all 300+ of you). You make it possible to do what I do.

"Linux Thursday - Mir is Dumb Edition" - Lunduke Hour - July 6, 2017

Finally completely free of facebook and instagram thanks to @BryanLunduke for inspiration to actually pull the plug!

Tomorrow is Linux Day on ! Got questions? Got topics?

Reply here to make sure I see 'em!