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Bryan Lunduke

tmux - The Desktop Environment for your Terminal - Lunduke Show

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I was reading about how you can't sue Uber. That made me write a poem. Obviously.

Here's a 4K version, just cuz:

This is so awesome looking. Printing on my lulzbot3D Mini now. Fingers crossed it works well.

Bing chosen as best Search Engine by poll of nerds - Lunduke Show

Yay! Big, round number! And still growing by over a thousand each month. All of you rule.

I finally got to squeeze in the show for the first time in a long time. Props to @BryanLunduke and @therealmatthartley ... Loved the episode.

"Linux Thursday - Poo-Poo on Wayland Edition" - feat. Matt Hartley

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The Daily Stormer & the Right to be on The Internet - Angry Lunduke

Yeah, baby! It's live stream time! Linux and yelling comin' at ya!

@geekrob @BryanLunduke Goodday! Stop being so not annoying! Haha

If I annoy you, you can blame @BryanLunduke for my existence on Mastodon. It's his fault. Otherwise, Hello Mastodon!

Whoah. The "Linux Sucks" series has now been watched well over 3 *million* times.


Got topics or questions for the next "Linux Thursday" on ? Reply here and we'll answer the hell out of 'em!

Most important Lunduke Show... EVER!

"Making your terminal text colorful with lolcat"

Got topics or questions for the next "Linux Thursday" on ? Reply here and we'll answer the hell out of 'em!

@nani I'm certainly no @BryanLunduke but a relativly easy way to personalise your terminal is to set your bash prompt to something more creative , I have a standard prompt of

PS1='[\u@\h \W]\$ '
which looks like
[jason@j ~]$

however changing ( or commenting out and replacing) the original PS1= line in ~/.bashrc with

PS1='[\u@\H ]\n[time: \A location: \w ]>>\$ '


source ~/.bashrc

will look like

[jason@j.hostname.fqdn ]
[time: 00:06 location: ~ ]>>$

more info in man bash

@BryanLunduke awesome episode! I just installed rtv after watching it 🤓👨‍💻