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Bryan Lunduke

I've made a promise that, if we hit the stretch goal during the live-stream...

I'll sing the Free Software Song.

Boom. Only 8 hours in. Nailed it. W3C here I come.

Now to stream for 16 more hours and see what we can do!

This should take care of snackums for the first few hours.

T-Minus 7 hours and counting.

The next Linux Day episode is on Monday at 1pm PST. Got questions? Ask 'em right here!

And watch (live) here:

@BryanLunduke So no Linux Thursday today? I can accept that trade for Monday.

No "Linux Day" show today!

We're moving it to Monday, just for this week, to be a part of the big, 24-hour live stream event.

Well worth it. :)

24 hour live-stream
This Monday (Oct 2).
Midnight to Midnight (PST).

Linux. Nerdiness. Cool guests. Pure awesomeness.

Someone posted the W3C news on Reddit. Took every ounce of will power I've got to not respond to this comment. :)

Monday, October 2nd. Midnight-to-Midnight (Pacific). 24 hours of Lunduke. Live.

No sleep. No. Sleep.

Sure. I may be a tad biased. But I really like System76's eensy-weensy Meerket PC.

It's adorbz.

"Linux Thursday - Just Linux-y Edition" - Lunduke Show - Sep 22, 2017