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Bryan Lunduke

Commemorate the most epic burn ever commited, in code, to the Linux Kernel.

As a T-Shirt.

The Bad News: Our intrepid (and totes adorbz) co-host, @MattHartley can't make tomorrow's show.

The Good News: The awesome Joe Collins (EzeeLinux) will be filling in! Assuming the Mega-Snow-Storm doesn't take him out. :)

Live streamed: 1pm Pacific on Thursday.

Tomorrow is on the ! (Holy Double Hashtag, Batman!)

Got topics? Got questions? Are they Linux/FOSS/Open Source related?

Use the hashtag to make sure we see 'em! (Doing it a little different this week.)

Weekly Linux News - Jan 3rd, 2018

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Topics: The Intel CPU bug (& how the Intel CEO sold off every share he could just days before it was likely to become public)...

This small patch, to the Linux Kernel, is the most epic burn on Intel by AMD.

Paraphrased in English:
"If the CPU isn't AMD, assume it's not secure."

One of the better ideas I've heard come out of a @BryanLunduke show. In order to increase the standing of open computing in the world we should all try to convince our open computing friends and acquaintances to make more babies.

Weekly Linux News - Jan 2nd, 2018.

Topics include PostmarketOS, elmentaryOS, 34C3, VLC Media Player, Amazon Linux, Jack, Linux Journal, & LinuxFest Northwest.

The is made possible by PogoLinux, LulzBot, System76, & Nerds Like You.

First order of business today for me was to follow through with my resolution to quit Facebook and I did just that. Followed along with the video @BryanLunduke put out in July and now my FB account is disabled and pending deletion.

I am down to just LinkedIn now...maybe for 2019 🤔

Considering pitching the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) Board on joining @Liberapay

Little concerned about not seeing other large US-based FOSS orgs on there like FSF, EFF, SF Conservancy

We'd need to check into accounting, legal, security, etc. before implementing anything, too

What do you think, Mastodon?

Lunduke Weekly Rant – “Journalists Reporting Tech… Who Have No Place Doing So”

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The Future of Thunderbird w/Ryan Sipes

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Worth thinking about:

Hitler wrote a book that incited hate and violence (and the death of millions).

That book can, right now, be purchased on Amazon.

Should Amazon remove that book from their store?

If you answered, "no"... Do you think social accounts should be censored?

Ugh. This sort of censorship is *always* bad. No matter what side of an issue you stand on.

It doesn't matter if those accounts being deleted belong to Nazis, White Supremacists, Black Panthers, Hamas, The UN, or anyone else.

Individuals should feel free to ignore or block other accounts... But the communication infrastructure should be available to all.

This is a big reason why we should be promoting and using decentralized and federated messaging systems.

@apertus @frd can you spread the word about the libre graphics at SCaLE 16x this year?

We'd love to have some video presentations!

@BryanLunduke Don't 10% already want to stab you in the face?

@BryanLunduke i noticed it can be difficult to follow you on Mastodon as a new request hangs on pending confirmation. To solve it someone needs to unfollow or cancel the request and then follow from your external profile instead of there own instance interface so the request actually goes trough.

Speaking of documentation:

Check out LulzBot 3D printer and accessory documentation for manufacturing, technical support, and marketing online at:

(OHAI stands for Open Hardware Assembly Instructions, it's a freely licensed program that I'm happy to say was forked for use by the Libre Space Foundation's SatNOGS project)

We also wrote up a lot for the new Cura LulzBot Edition 3D printing software, published at

Got to watch 2 livestreams of the Thurs Linux show in as many weeks. I'm tingling all over!😃😃😃