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I use the Brave browser much of the time now on my phone and computer. I've noticed that the computer version is eliminating much more of the ads and analytics than the phone, saving a considerable higher amount of time. Are there truly fewer ads and analytics on mobile pages? Maybe because there's less real estate on the screen? They're both blazing fast. Maybe they should have called it Blaze.


Dang bro! I forgot to bring up the anniversary of Windows Refund Day on the 15th.

A while back you asked for podcasts. I have two, Mintcast and Distrowatch. Don't be fooled by the Mintcast name. They talk about everything Linux and other distros. Distrowatch does a great job of reviewing a new release, announcing upcoming releases and other news.

Silence/Noise Results:

I tried using Silence with my son using Signal and it didn't go well. We couldn't get encryption to happen.

Noise went very well. We could exchange encrypted messages and calls. Noise is now my standard texting and encrypted message/call app.

Both Noise and Silence are installed on my phone. The question is, will they work with another party that uses Signal? Or eachother? My reading on Noise suggests that it only works with other Noise users. Gonna get my son to install Signal on his phone so we can test it out. I'm report my findings.

A caution on the noise app but it implies you can go on without google play services. They must have a stub in CopperheadOS that prevents this message.


For anyone else interested in trying the Noise fork of Signal made by the folks at CopperheadOS, you must add their repository to Fdroid to get it. To do so, go to settings-repositories-add and enter the following repo:


Then you can download it. I just did and need to test it now.

Signal just failed my criterion for being allowed on my phone. Just like wire, it looked so promising until it divulged its dependence on google play services. Too bad.


Woohoo! Our puppy with the broken leg has his cast off and is running with the big dogs.

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Gin Blossoms at House of Blues in Dallas, Tx. Great show. Catch'em if you can.

A friend of mine just called and told me his wife is sick. They were planning to go see the Gin Blossoms at the House of Blues in Dallas tomorrow night and she can't go. I'm falling on my sword and going in her place. I'll suffer through it.😃

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"Making #Facebook good for democracy is not entirely altruistic. It is, in many ways, also a smoke screen meant to obscure the fundamental reality that this service, like many social media products, depends for its very survival on its ability to exploit its users’ time and attention."

#SaveTheWeb #decentralized #OwnYourData #privacy


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I hate Snap packages. Snap is cancer.

It occurred to me that while everyone is patting Elon Musk on the back for this week's rocket launch, it's important to remember he has hired many smart people. He has also received HUGE amounts of funds from the US government. So, way to go all you smart people at Spacex and US citizens who funded it.