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One of my colleagues is retiring today and they scheduled a sham staff mtg so everyone could come say goodbye to him. I had some compulsory training at his office yesterday, ate lunch with him, we said our goodbyes, and his boss told me that today's mtg was optional. So I skipped it. Now I'm in Dutch with my boss who thinks the meeting was mandatory. I hate bosses.

Unlikevthe cowboys, who are stinking it up really bad.

I am not a Chromebook fan but the Acer Chromebook 15 commercial they are playing today during the Dallas Cowboy game is strong.

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There's this, which seems to do exactly that: https://github.com/viljoviitanen/freeotp-export Problem is that if your phone is encrypted, so is the backup. I don't think I can find the right words to describe how great this game is, so I'm not even gonna try.
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📢🐦 “There are unfortunate spelling errors, and then there's this. ”

Anyone out there have any experience with the Nokia SAR8 router. We just got some and, so far, I like them better than Cisco.

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I have successfully convinced my work to get me a Linux computer and have been doing most of my job from inside Linux. When absolutely necessary, I RDP into my old Windows box for things like MS Office. Thankfully Evolution mail supports an exchange email server with a little tweaking.

So I arrive home from work after all the think bread shitposting and, as I walk in the door, my spouse yells, "Don't let the door slam shut!, bread rising!"

Today's progress. The post is 12 inches in diameter at the base. It weighs about 250 pounds and buried 4 foot deep in the ground. It will be a fine corner post and still be here long after a I'm returned to the soil.

My DallasCowboys won today. It's shaping up to be an entertaining season. A collision course with the Eagles looming.

Same guy is on call this weekend. He got called out at 2am this morning. I know this because they accidently called me first. After he went to the office and pissed in the wind for 5 hours, he called me. I got online and fixed it in less than 15 minutes.

WBIM = Which Being Interpreted Means

How things go with one of my coworkers:

"What are we doing today?"
WBIM How can I get you to do something assigned to me today?

"Can you help me with this?"
WBIM Will you do this for me while I watch you work?

"Let's go work on this together."
WBIM Can I watch you work on this and then share/take credit for your success?

"I'll call the boss for you."
WBIM I'll take credit for what you just did.

Today I'm building a half mile barb wire fence in earnest. It needs to be done by the end of the year so I can deduct it on my income taxes. Hope I can get it done as I'm just a part time rancher and working alone. I'm getting old and digging post holes is a young person's game.

My daug mastodon.rocks/media/nkzYEIaMx My daughters costume tonight. She whipped it up with a hot glue gun and stuff she found around the house. She was a Sim. I thought it was smart but hardly anybody got it.