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Damn, I have some really boring dreams. I just remembered that last night I had a dream about mixing a specific shade of grey paint.

If you're reading this, please save a human and tell them about Linux. Please. This world needs open source software.

The three winners of tonight's lightning shooting exercise at the beach. :) The last one is a photomerge of two photos. ISO 100, f-stop was 4 and shutter speed was 25s.


photog.social/media/pXUlUIC2fJ photog.social/media/ZORN3M58aB photog.social/media/mO8mcnLFyW

Many people ask me this question frequently: "Why are you so against giant tech companies (like #Google, #FB, #Twitter, #Apple, etc.)?"
My answer: "Well, I am not against any company in particular. I am against power accumulation in one place with no transparency because it creates corruption."
To make it clear. If tomorrow Google decides to be transparent about their processes, I will encourage people to use their services. But until then, I do opposite.

Who was Terry? How was Terry so soft to get a cloth named after them?

Trying something different tonight on TableTop Tuesday. Instead of playing a game I will be having a painting session instead.

If you fancy hanging out and chilling then head over to twitch.tv/hamishtpb/

Moscow sounds like a type of bovine breed you would find near swampy areas.

I don't abhor people using the systems they must to perform their jobs or make their living, but I do wish that there were better free software systems.  While many of the zealots will likely disagree with me, it is not simply enough for me that there be free software system equivalents.  They need to be as high quality as the proprietary equivalents or near thereto.  Otherwise the only people who use them are those willing to make sacrifices for their freedom, and that is exceedingly few individuals in the end.

What to do if you see antisocial benchs that are supposed to don't let people lay down to rest in order to increase gentrification?

Repair them!


I have a pocket full of 10p pieces and I am off down to the arcade! Join Hamish on Wayback Wednesday with some arcade classics and his big joystick.

#Trans people, which is more true for you?

a) I was assigned the wrong gender at birth, and my *actual* gender has been consistent for my whole life.

b) I was assigned the right gender at birth; my gender changed later.



Tonight on Mindgame Monday, a battle for the ages: Hamish Vs. Chris on Civ V


Hahaha😂 To all those who think posting their running tracks via #Strava is cool - make sure, you're not giving away secret military bases' locations ➡️ theguardian.com/world/2018/jan #fail

Argh - I just spotted a typo in an email I sent to complain about a faulty product.

They will judge me and laugh and treat my attempts at getting reparation with scorn.