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I added a video to a @youtube playlist youtu.be/HYAm_7TiuFo?a Hamish's Nerd Network 9th July 2017 #1

Sunday Night relaxed stream - still exploring Mars and seeking sentient life.

When you are an asshole on the internet, you are an asshole in real life. 😁

This is just a friendly reminder that corgis are objectively hilarious animals.

mfw I know I’ve flubbed the password but I press enter anyway and it works… cybre.space/media/DRP3ZOZopACO

I don't want to be the king of understatement, but I may be willing to be comrade understatement.

Tonight - 1 campaign of L4D2 then the rest of the stream playing Streets of Rogue. 3 slots for viewers in L4D2 - first come first served.


There's a new console on Retro Nights over at my Twitch and open to suggestions for multiplayer tonight. hamish.thepolarbear.co.uk/?p=8

Calling all Windows 10 users that are concerned with Privacy and Security...

The average mathematics teacher is mean.

In around 20 minutes we return to Mars to continue our quest to discover sentient life.

I think I can play games

In startrek why don't they use environmental suits when they go to new planets? Or things like hazardous specimen containers? They show them every so often, but then they get to the horrible plague planet of doom and they are just like 'lets go down with no protection' or 'lets beam this incredibly deadly thing up to the ship while I am holding it in my hand'

I could have told them no when they asked me if I'd do it, but the original form was so awful that it shoved me into a CATATONIC EPISODE. There is no way I can let them do that to someone else.

I just basically rewrote the application form for the advocacy organisation that covers the whole of North Wales, to make it suitable for neurodiverse people self-referring.

For free.

I asked if they normally pay consultants to do this, though. And I told them off for not doing a spelling/punctuation/grammar check before sending it to me.

Yay #disability, where you are expected to work for free for the services that are meant to support you!