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@BryanLunduke a few years ago I decided to give Gentoo a go on a pentium 2 thinkpad 600e I had

If only I could remember where I put the laptop , as it may have finished compiling now...

@JaseEW @BryanLunduke I'm running gentoo on an old netbook with a 1GHz Celeron processor and it actually works. Took only 3 days to install!

It's also very fast (apart from compiling ;)) and uses almost 50% less memory than Manjaro on an empty xfce session (160 vs. 300 megs). So gentoo on an old laptop is not that bad idea.

Jason @JaseEW

@BryanLunduke @msum


surely in realworld usage terms this means you need 3 equal laptops

one to use
one to recompile for updates
one for spare ready to use incase if a failed recompile issues or failure of in use laptop

and alternate evey 3days ? (or recompile period )

seem to remember Firefox taking quite some time to build from source too

sourced based operating systems apps have their place , like ubuntu does ,just not on my machines lol

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