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@BryanLunduke Maybe his Gentoo laptop was recompiling its userland this month and he had to borrow a Mac/iPad on short notice?

@JaseEW @BryanLunduke he has a great point though...I mean if I was gonna borrow a laptop from someone it wouldn't be a Mac... No way!

Jason @JaseEW

@kz6fittycent @BryanLunduke what if .. while his Gentoo laptop was recompiling, his Ubuntu back up machine was compromised by some vindictive Mac user who (in the knowledge that he was gong to be on a plane in a seat in the eye line of Matthew Garrett) maliciously installed MacOS ..

This happens & dogs eat homework.

In truth, the Credibility of the Linux Foundadtion has been damaged as a result of this moral malfeasance of misrepresantion, & Bryan's observations are justified as a result