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Jason @JaseEW

Ok, each time I have tried Gnome3 in the past it has lasted moments before I returned to KDE or to a window manager only set up ( like WMii , Ratpoison, DWM, euclid, or IceWM )

Question , should I give Gnome3 another try ?

@JaseEW that said, I hear via @popey that it's looking good on the newest rendition of Ubuntu...

@JaseEW I've tried Gnome3 a few times theres things I like but a lot I don't so switching from KDE is hard but MATE is tempting.

@miwilc I looked at it , and thenrealised who the dev's behind it are

A few years ago I set up the then debian based SolusOS for my then 75/6 yr old father to use, and despite talk of a SolusOS 2 it was just dropped and the dev's basically walked away from it leving it completly unsupported and broken

Later they launched EvolveOS ( which changed to Solus) & various projects including Budgie, so no I wont be trying it.

SolusOS broke any trust I had in the team involved.

@JaseEW I can understand.

But, It is worth noting that he is now working full-time on Solus, and it has a bunch of community maintainers that can take care of it when ikey is away.

@JaseEW @miwilc Yeah, it's very nice, not without fault(no distro is), but certainly deserves another shot.

@miwilc @DistroJunkie
it's not the quality distro at fault. I'm pretty sure its a good one. its the longevity of commitment from the developers I question - based on previous experience & historical actions.

@JaseEW I think I've tried out of the Linux DEs. I've liked them all compared to other operating systems. Some were just better than others. Steven Stills said it best, love the one you're with.

@DistroJunkie I came to my sences, retrying Gnome is no longer an option , KDE-Plasma is (for DE's) as good as it gets imo, with XFce a close second, and LxQT third.

I really like using WM's only, however woudl need to be in the right mood to configure one or to adjust an existing one.

The RatPoisonrc file i used to use can be read here:

or here:


If you are interested. probably got my WMii config file somewhere too

@JaseEW I'm a fan of Xfce. I also really like I3. It depends on the purpose of the computer involved. My daily driver distro is Linux Mint, not because it's my favorite, but because it's what I like to show non-Linux users. When they show interest, out comes the USB and the question, "would you like to give it a test drive?" IMO Linux Mint is the best hook to set in a windows users mouth because of the drivers.