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Jason @JaseEW

@BryanLunduke AI would not limit itself to a single humanoid vessel as it would not logically want to stymie its own evolution in that way , without a corporeal form it would be open to grow exponentially without physical limitations

true AI is a bad idea

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@JaseEW @BryanLunduke Why do you say that? I am not disagreeing, just wondering about your thoughts

@Tyrus @BryanLunduke

as a species we have years of Nature/Nurture to reach the personalities we are, our decision making is infuenced by this and our peers over those years affect our thinking good or bad.

AI would almost certainly have to use the purest of logic, and in the bigger picture whether it concluded we are a threat, or a threat to ourselves I suspect we would not like the solution it would.. suggest

Some Genies are best left IN the bottle / on TV shows like "Person of Interest"