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Can anyone recommend a good SSH client for Linux? I know I can use the terminal, but I would like something that can save my sessions. Thx!

@kev I recall @BryanLunduke using a ssh client that will save sessions. Not sure what it was called though.

@AvnSgt @BryanLunduke I have a tonne of sessions, so really need something that can save them (I use SecureCRT in Windows).

@kev hopefully @BryanLunduke has time to answer. I know he is a busy guy.

@AvnSgt @kev What I typically do is have a server (or local PC/Device) that I SSH into and run tmux. Then I can detach from my tmux session and re-attach at any point. Everything stays alive and running. It's glorious.

Omg I love you @BryanLunduke.. for the life of me I couldn't recall how you were doing it. But, I remembered you too talking about it. Hope that helps you out @kev.

Jason @JaseEW

@kev @BryanLunduke @AvnSgt

Tmux rocks, and you can set a session to start at boot and configure it to have relatively non-insane nested ssh sessions too

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@JaseEW @AvnSgt @BryanLunduke @kev Here also for support of tmux. I find it to be extremely reliable and easy to use. Personally better OOB than others like screen.

@mroche @kev @BryanLunduke @AvnSgt @JaseEW if you've not tried Byobu, you should give it a whirl, basically same as Tmux but maybe a bit prettier.
(Byobu webpage wouldn't load just now so linked to Ubuntu page)