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Jason @JaseEW@mastodon.rocks


In a recent 'boring' vid you asked when was the lat time you used gopher://

let me answer you 😀

today was actually the first time I had used a gopherclient (cgo), but now I am seriously considering setting up my own gopherspace now - perhaps mirror my excuse for a blog - all because of you!


Just installed Armbian on my second older Ex-Kodi(TV)Box

It's S812 system on chip has a quadcore 2Ghz processor, a octacore Mali450 gpu/video chip & 1GB of RAM of which 815 mb is available

Its an A9 series ARM processor, so I will probably not be accessible from the internet , but may make a nice in-home server

Now its done, I need to sort out a purpose.. thinking a cuberite[0] server for Minecraft (not sure if the RAM is too low tho)



do you use single board computers? , seems that the following SoC's are vulnerable to Spectre.

ARM Cortex-R7 R8, A7, A8, A9, A15, A57, A72, A73, A75

That's good news for Raspberry Pi3, Rock64, Odroid C2 (all A53) , C1's (A5)
CubieBoards/Trucks (A10 / A20)

I checked my now-converted S905x TVbox (now running ) it is also a A53, so it will become home server as planned (soonish)

Currently thinking of getting a PiTop laptop style enclosure + Rock64 w/4GB RAM..


WindowMaker - its getting there.

although good automated menu generation is not easy.


its very much a work in progress

WindowMaker on Archlinux with transparency


Decided to create a simple wallpaper or two as a change from my usually dark wallpaper.

Both shared here , should you happen to like.



Merry Halloweenmas to all, hope you all had a frightfully good day

I gave myself the gift of re configuring my X220 back to KDE.

WaterFox is installed, but getting less use, latest version breaks vimperator but maintains lastpass compatibility.

I should be able to ween myself off Mozilla based browsers as soon as I am more used to lastpass-cli

Qutebrowser [below] now set to default - I love the way the tabs and GUI stay out the way

KDE-Plasma almost configured


Ok, after switching from KDE Pasma, I think I am keeping MATE (still calling it 'M8' though as MaTay sounds too pretentious)

I also gottasay that I really like my current wallpaper so much i've uploaded a screen shot here.


Ok, after installing MATE on my ArchLinux install, then thinking it looks nice, followed by getting frustrated with it, & switching back to KDE-Plasma and uninstalling MATE, then thinking I did not really try it or give it a chance & reinstalling it again... (repeat 3 or 4 times)

I decided that my best option to really give MATE a chance was to install it, and uninstall ALL of KDE-Plasma and most of QT5

If I hate it after a month or so then it'll be gawn


@BryanLunduke @AndrzejL

Better screenshot, imagine - its a missed opportunity of days gone by- a non commercial ChromeOS (wonder if google were influenced by this) mastodon.rocks/media/YYNZpSfde

Does anyone else have a Distro they thought had excellent potential in the past , only for it to fizzle out or disapear.

Like the Mozilla Desktop that was used in ByzantineOS back in 2004

may be of interest to @AndrzejL @BryanLunduke

@BryanLunduke It did not take too long , Managed to hang out the washing, vacuum the floor and get food in the oven

@fatboy waterfox may be a good call will test/check it out, Vimperator works on it , as does lastpass and it has the KDE patches applied so.. it may be worth spending an hourish of compiling on occasion


What do you do while waiting for an app to build from source? I do housework, does everyone else?


@BryanLunduke Do think gentoo and funtoo users have really clean houses ?


almost 23 days ago I started a destructive badblocks run on my 2TB Drive... still got a few days to go...


Now using @kde Plasma 5.11 on 'n' Looking good.

Now I've gotta decide if I am dumping Firefox, choose an alternative (Qupzilla/Falkon and QuteBrowser are contenders)

see IF LastPass-cli can work with KWallet ( or if bitwarden can) - This woud make Qupzilla/Falkon & QuteBrowser more of a choice

I think QuteBrowser can be used with a script that wil make LastPass-Cli work with it


Watch Preacher S2 e9 +10
Research the shit out of the above stuff


ok, you know about the blood moon, the blue moon and super moons. noe there is the Michael Bay Moon... mastodon.rocks/media/gRuWqEGIr