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Jason @JaseEW@mastodon.rocks

today , among otherthings I have been setting up and failing to configure a "socialafied/federated" instance gnusocial, now its time for bed , and i know that the charms of a properly set out xrd secretid@host.uk.xml file wil draw me in again for more "fun" tomorrrow eveing

configurations files , more fun than a barrel full of monkeys at a windows install party ( not sure if thats a thing but...)

@BryanLunduke I was meaning to ask is YAST broken on Tumbleweed?

The last two times I tried it , it seems mostly unstable/ breakable/ slow ....

I woud like to try Tumbleweed again soon ( on a dedicated machine) as you sell it well, but in my experience it is not as stable as my Arch installs are

Any tips for a potential Arch migrant?

when people discuss Ubuntu nomenclature with me ( this happens..), and ask which my favorite is I always think PicUntu although I do point out the incorrect letter is capitalisation


seeing my 3 must have addons ,, and -Origin are marked ss "LEGACY" in the about:addons page pisses me off irationally, its just a label , I'm sure that the new WebEx versions willb e out soon , yet it still pisses me off...

.. while I am pissed with Firefox, as an excersise in looking at alternatives, what other Linux usable GUI opensource browsers have lastpass compatiility ? ( dont say chrome/chromium as I am even more unhappy with Google atm)

This I want and I want NOW!! lol


its (very,very) early days but imagine , soon(er or later) we may (just may) all have a proper Linux based OS on our smartphones !!!

Now that it reportably boots on some smartphones , they need to get all the other bits working

lets all hope this takes less time than cuz I'm in my mid 40's now and cant take that kinda disapointment

@BryanLunduke perhaps PostmarketOS should consider Rust?


hey @BryanLunduke whats that browser running in termux on my android phone?


"Welcome to the party, Pal!!"

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This is a fascinating, recently recorded walk-through of the Xerox Alto. Includes how these early GUI apps worked.


Thought I would share one of my favorite ~/.bashrc alias's

alias sysbackup="sudo rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} / /path/to/backup/location/SystemBackup/"

you can even get Grub2/syslinux or other bootloader to boot this backup as a failsafe.. or to clone a current install

Damn , just realised the mailx command in my previous Toot got messed up ! , the command ( if you wanna try it is

mailx -f imaps://<your-email-id>%40<your-email-service>@imap.provider.com

that %40 replaces the @ that would logically be used

eg: mailx -f imaps://user%40gmail.com@imap.gmail.com

this will prompt you to enter your email password

hoping this toots correctly

@BryanLunduke is this Toot nerdy enough for you?

while & after watching @BryanLunduke Wordgrinder video , it made me reminisce of my PCLinuxOS remastering days "Iced Latte" and then "pCLI-NoX", where I would read my email using mailx -f imaps://<your.email.id %t.co/Sgbi4v7MlL.service@imap.provider.com and send replyies with mcedit + msmtp while ripping cd's with abcde and listening to them with SoX's "play" command.

I have a thin client with 32megs of storage and 64megs of ram , curently running FreeDOS next day off iget - its getting a makeover.

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Terminal-based Word Processing with Wordgrinder - Lunduke Show


Bloomin eck! , finally on Mastodon cuz I hear it rocks , so sey @BryanLunduke anyhow, you can blame him for my interest.

Liike the 500 character limit for Toots, will enable posting/ranting to be soo much more verbose

now to find some folks I know , or get folks I know to sign up with Mastodon

Ok that'll do for Toot no.1 wonder what the next one will be about...