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Okay, after running POP!_OS on hardware for the last week, it's awesome!!

Automatic updates actually works very smoothly. UEFI compatibility is excellent. Laptop Nvidia support out of the box. Even my Ryzen system plays nicely with no work on my part. Just boot it up, install, and it works. Craziness.

I gotta say. The Ambiance theme looks alright in Gnome 3

Found another good one that needs no modification:

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

"Linux Thursday - Just Linux-y Edition" - Lunduke Show - Sep 22, 2017

Ever Linux user should be a libertarian.
Why would we support freedom in the private sector, but control from the government?

Hm. Disabling UEFI improves system stability significantly.

All-in-all, quite impressed and looking forward to what AMD can pull off with their next iterations. Also hoping all those little bugs get ironed out.

So Ubuntu on Ryzen is a little qwerky. With the microcode installed sleep settings sometimes work and sometimes don't.

But after a couple weeks of use, that's the only complaint. VMs work great in both VMware and VirtualBox. Performance is very smooth with no unexplainable spikes in usage or thermals. And it's surprisingly cool. It can get up to 60% usage on all cores with a couple VMs going before it starts ramping up the stock cooler.

I've heard mixed feelings about Linux support for the two major graphics platforms. Since AMD has been incorporating their drivers into the kernel they've been my pick. nVidia becomes a hassle when the competition does the work for me.

@JosiahTech OpenSUSE community is active in Taiwan and other Asian country like Japan and Indonesia. I'm going to have a speech in OpenSUSE Asia 2017 in Tokyo, though my topic is about Open Document Format, ha!

"Want bleeding edge, go Fedora or Arch."

Why does no one know that OpenSUSE has most major updates weeks before everyone else?

Gnome updates? Yeah, almost immediately.
Kernel updates? Definitely immediately.
KDE5? Same

Has everyone forgotten they host the OBS for these projects?

Microsoft <3 Linux

Microsoft <3 Windows SQL on Linux.

So... In other words... Linus won.

@BryanLunduke a few years ago I decided to give Gentoo a go on a pentium 2 thinkpad 600e I had

If only I could remember where I put the laptop , as it may have finished compiling now...

@BryanLunduke here's a 40 minute video on hidden instruction sets in x86 CPUs. Sounds like something you'd enjoy

It's happened. My videos are now on LBRY (in addition to YouTube).

Why FreeBSD users think Linux is so bad?! This is confusing to me...

I should just go back and use DOS or OS/2